8 Reasons to choose our photo shoot location

A photo shoot location is an absolute must for every entrepreneur, photographer and creative team. Whether you own a brand, work as a photographer or just need beautiful, business-like photos of yourself: with a photo shoot location, you are always guaranteed a great end result. With the current autumn weather and winter approaching, this means only one thing for photographers: it becomes more challenging to work with the right (daytime) light. An indoor location photo shoot by Atelier Oost Amsterdam is the solution to still achieve photogenic images. Our studios offer endless creative possibilities so you are no longer limited to external factors such as the weather. And there are many more advantages! In this blog, we give you eight different reasons to choose a photo shoot location such as The Loft or The Playground.

1. Our photo shoot location is aesthetically pleasing

In fact, both shoot locations have minimalist interiors, but with endless vistas, nooks and crannies. Because the studios have minimalist interiors, you or your product are in the spotlight. Although we have used clean lines and a neutral colour palette, you can still play around with our decoration and furniture as you wish. Create the setting of your dreams by moving and changing, creating a unique whole.
Studio:The Loft
Studio:The Loft

2. Natural daylight in our photo shoot location

Both The Loft and The Playground feature large windows and high ceilings. Not only does this give an incredible sense of freedom, but it also creates beautiful, natural light. The huge, open spaces encourage creativity, and to make the most of the light, we used great colours on the walls. Even on a drizzly autumn day, you can get away from it all. For example, try reflection photography with reflective objects, and combine daylight with one or more studio lights.

3. Various nooks for endless variety
When designing the studios, I took different nooks and crannies into account. Whether you come to shoot for a furniture brand, a jewellery brand, a beauty brand or just a fashion shoot: we understand your need for variety. For instance, we have set up beautiful dining corners for a homely atmosphere, a cozy corner with a daybed, some beautiful built-in wall cabinets with lovely accessories and much more. Moreover, our see-through pieces in different (wall) colours offer all the space you need to get creative.
Studio:The Loft
Studio:The Loft

4. Designer furniture in our photo shoot location

Studio:The Playground
The eye wants something too. At Atelier Oost Amsterdam, we stand for quality, which is precisely why The Loft and The Playground feature high-quality furniture by both well-known and (as yet) undiscovered designers. Make full use of unique accessories that you won't see anywhere else, adding an original touch to your photos. Style your product photos with incense, crystals and beautiful coffee table books.
Studio:The Playground
5. Our clothes rack and steamer
We like to unburden you as much as possible during your shoot. That is why we provide a clothes rack and professional dry cleaner. This is particularly handy for fashion shoots, where models wear many different sets. Or maybe you have a business photo shoot and would like to hang out your outfits wrinkle-free.

6. A neutral colour palette for an indoor location photo shoot

The Loft features an earthy, laid back colour palette of beige, sand, black and off white. Against this, the beautiful natural materials used stand out even more. Because we have kept the colours calm, you will really come into your own. The focus is really on you or your brand. And against that neutral palette, it is great to work with bright, rich shades. Want something different? Then opt for The Playground. Here you will find a Miami holiday inspired colour theme with beautiful pastel shades.
Studio:The Loft

7. Unlimited coffee and tea and the nicest hotspots nearby
Our hosts are on hand to tip you off about fun hotspots in the photo shoot location area. We have plates and cutlery, so you can choose to take away or order. We also offer unlimited coffee and tea: you can also make your oat cappu with us.

8. Add depth and dimension to your footage thanks to our photo location

At Atelier Oost Amsterdam, we are known for our unique and impressive staircases. In both The Loft and The Playground, you will find various staircases to add depth to your images. You can pose on, next to and in front of the stairs in various ways: the possibilities are endless. In The Playground, you will even find a staircase that you can change at the bottom!

Studio:The Playground
9. Space for your make-up artist
Your make-up artist and/or hair stylist can also indulge in both studios. Make use of the large, wide tables in our rooms and work with the natural daylight for a flawless look. The studios also feature chairs with different seating heights. The Playground features a separate room perfect for make-up and hair: so feel free to bring a larger team!

10. A source of creativity and stimulation
As if all the above were not enough, both spaces are a real boost to your creative energy. When you step into The Loft, you find yourself in a large, open oasis of calm. Let your creativity flow through the urban chic New York city feel, and go for stylish imagery. Or step inside The Playground and discover the setting of your dreams, as if moving through a big, pastel-coloured cloud. Taking photos and videos in Atelier Oost Amsterdam's spaces can't help but bring up countless ideas.
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