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fashion photograhpy

fashion fotografie op unieke locatie

If you are looking for an inspiring location for your fashion shoot? For sure Atelier Oost Amsterdam is the perfect place for you. The bright and stylishly furnished daylight studios offer the finest opportunity to photograph your fashion collection in a unique way. Time after time. Discover our photography studio. A space with many different corners, high-end design furniture and trendy colors of chalk paint.

Fashion photographer Lisa van Dam for F/W collection of Simple The Brand at The Loft studio
Studio: The Loft Photo credits: Lisa van Dam
Fashion photographer Isa Wiegers inspiration for fashionphotography in the studio
Studio: The Loft Photo credits: Refined Department

The photography studios are the perfect location to create different settings. Each space is stylishly decorated by an interior designer with a photographic eye. This ensures that the locations do not only look beautiful, they also take your photos to a whole new level. Visit the photo studio of Atelier Oost Amsterdam and create to most beautiful fashion photography.

Our spaces provide all basic aspects for a successful day full of fashion photography. Bring consistency in your campaigns and collections by photographing all the different outfits with colors and prints in one location. Or mix and match your content by alternating between our unique spaces.

Fashion photography by Lisa van Dam for Simple The Brand at The Loft photo studio in Amsterdam
Studio: The Loft Photo credits: Lisa van Dam
Fashion photography inspiration by Isa Wiegers at Atelier Oost Amsterdam
Studio:The Loft Photo credits: Isa Wiegers

High-quality content matters. Photograph your s/s or f/w collection in our minimalistic spaces. The choice is yours. The possibilities are endless. Find inspiration in previously organized fashion photo shoots on our

fashion shoot

All tools for a fashion shoot just within reach

Always come prepared. We offer sufficient space in all studios for preparing the setting and make-up. For example: take a seat at the large table near the windows for some extra daylight. Enjoy delicious tea and coffee and a favorite playlist during your time slot.

Fashion photography Stephanie Verhart boudoir with lingerie of Savara Intimates at The Living Room studio
Studio: The Living Room Photo credits: Stephanie Verhart
Fashionphotography inspiration by James Stokes for Vandyck bedding
Studio: The Loft Photo credits: James Stokes

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offer an excellent opportunity for fashion brands to distinguish themselves from the competition through atmospheric images. Both the spring/summer and fall/winter collection deserve an inspiring image gallery. We are all big fans of consistency, so using our studios more often is ideal. Take a look our credits and shoot at a reduced rate per booking. Perfect for returning customers.

Stylish corners

Use every corner for variation in your photos

Professional images are almost indispensable in the online world. Get the most out of your shoot day by working with a fantastic team in the studio of Atelier Oost Amsterdam. Always come well prepared. Bring a fashion stylist and your favorite fashion photographer. Photography a full gallery with imagery which you can use for a longer period of time on several media.

Fashion photo by Lisa van Dam for F/W collection of Simple The Brand at The Loft studio
Studio: The Loft Photo credits: Lisa van Dam
Credits: Isabelle Bucx for fashion brand Old Habits Die Hard in The Loft studio
Studio:The Loft Photo credits: Isabelle Bux

We are regularly asked if we also have a steamer and a rack for clothes. Of course we have! All spaces are equipped with a hand steamer and The Loft even has a professional steamer. We only have aesthetic clothing racks with a number of hangers. Therefore, feel free to bring your own functional clothing rack. Please note: read the FAQ carefully. Everything needs to fit in the studio. Nothing can be left in the hallways.

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inspire and create

Not one day in Atelier Oost Amsterdam is the same. Be inspired by the success stories of our visitors and behold the wonderful results per category on this page. The place where we have collected the best photos.

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