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Roos Oosterbroek

Founder, designer and creative director

Always refreshing, innovative and thinking in terms of possibilities. Roos Oosterbroek, entrepreneur at heart with background in marketing, never sits still.

A an interior photographer she was missing an aesthetic environment. To create, to shoot and to produce. A space to get creative without getting overstimulated. A space to feel at home. She created these beautiful fully furnished daylight studios in Amsterdam East. Different from the classic backdrop studios. Gorgeous, each space in its unique way. In 2021 she opened The Living Room. Within one year followed by The Bedroom and The Loft.

Feel welcome. Feel at home. That is her motto.

Roos Oosterbroek founder of Atelier Oost Amsterdam

Brand manager


With fixed days on Mondays and Thursdays, Roos is also happy to be found in the studio. She comes up with the latest campaigns, improvements in the company and social media expressions. Roos is incredibly driven to make Atelier Oost Amsterdam a beautiful brand. Roos loves the right finishing touches. She likes to connect different brands to her own brand. And you can tell by the quality you experience.

Roos Oosterbroek is the creator, founder and owner of Atelier Oost Amsterdam
Studio: The Loft Founder: Roos Oosterbroek
Atelier Oost Amsterdam studio manager Koosje
Studio: The Loft Studio Manager: Koosje

Studio manager


Who you gonne call? Koosje! Our Studio Manager and host. Koosje is the woman who patiently answers all your questions. Send an e-mail, WhatsApp a message or call us directly: she will be happy to help you.

As a starting entrepreneur it is very nice to work together with other creative people. That is how I ended up at Atelier Oost Amsterdam. It's a perfect match. I can do some extra work and having enough time for my own business.

Koosje supports Roos as Studio Manager. With a great drive, creative insight and strong vision for the story of Atelier Oost Amsterdam, we make the concept a success together. Also meet our lovely hosts. They are happy to welcome you in the studio.

Roos Oosterbroek in makeup by Lauren Duk
Studio: The Loft

We work with talented women, all with a creative mission.

the whole team

our lovely hosts

Atelier Oost Amsterdam host Maaike


Atelier Oost Amsterdam host Koosje


Atelier Oost Amsterdam host Perzia


Atelier Oost Amsterdam host Quirine


Atelier Oost Amsterdam host Edith


To work for Atelier Oost Amsterdam

It's a perfect place to meet creatives and other freelancers, while learning more about this industry. While I'm hosting the studios, there's plenty of time to work on my own business. It's great to prepare my SketchUp lessons and interior brainstorming sessions in such an inspiring space.


I find it very inspiring to work here and meet new people every day. Not only Roos Oosterbroek and the entire team, but also the creative teams that come by provide extra inspiration. I even think that through the people of Atelier Oost Amsterdam I can push myself further in my own business.


To be honest, hosting in the beautiful studios of Atelier Oost Amsterdam is the ideal side job for me. In any case, you will find me every Saturday in one of the breathtaking studios! I make sure the studio is ready to be used while I work on my own projects during the day and meet lovely people.


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Wij kunnen zelf natuurlijk niet kiezen. Al onze studio’s zijn even mooi en met net zoveel liefde en aandacht gemaakt. Alle studios zijn ze uniek en tegelijkertijd ook een verlengde van elkaar. Ontdek de ruimtes en ervaar het zomerse gevoel in The Livingroom. Bezoek The Playground voor verrassende beelden en Miami vibes. Of boek The Loft en waan je in New York City.


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