Personal Branding Photography

Business photoshoot in the studio, capturing the entrepreneur.

Photography a founder, CEO or VIP at a high end location

Personal branding

Business photoshoot for increased visibility

As an entrepreneur, personality and appearance are a very important factor in your business. The use of personal branding photography is a fantastic tool to gain more visibility for your brand. You can use your own and personal imagery on social media to reach your customers.

personal branding photography inspiration by Pauline van der Gulik
Studio: The Living Room Photo credits: Pauline van der Gulik
Personal branding shoot on the popular sofa at The Loft photo studio in Amsterdam
Studio:The Loft Photo credits: Alina Krasieva

Plan a personal branding photo shoot in Atelier Oost Amsterdam. We offer different unique daylight studios, each with its own settings and minimalistic style. The photo studios are fully decorated and offer many possibilities for a complete photo gallery. Make it your own: move the setting, bring your own items and use our exclusively selected props.

Create the most unique portraits and lifestyle images together with your favorite personal branding photographer. The possibilities are endless. We would like to welcome you in the studio of Atelier Oost Amsterdam. 

Personal Branding photographer Studio Phylicia in The Living Room photostudio
Studio:The Living Room Photo credits: Studio Phylicia

Atelier Oost Amsterdam brings your images to life. Beautiful and light images with their own story. Choose the most beautiful props, bring the best personal branding photographer and go wild during your business photo shoot. Make it Pinterest-worthy. 

Inspiratie for personal branding photography by Nicole den Harder in photo studio in Amsterdam
Studio: The Loft Photo credits: Nicole den Harder
Personal branding photoshoot in The Living Room photo studio by Lonneke Noordeloos
Studio: The Living Room Photo credits: Lonneke Noordeloos

Go for high-quality content creation and photograph a complete look book at our location. No photo will be boring. We share our network of talented photographers, the best stylists and the finest makeup artists. We are happy to help you assemble a great creative team. Get inspiration from a previously organized product photo shoot. Read the customer experience directly on the photostudio page. pagina van Atelier Oost Amsterdam.

branding shoot

Make use of various angles and corners

Due to the open, light spaces that are fully furnished, various corners have been created. You can use these perfectly in your own shot to make the picture of your personal branding photo shoot extra stylish.

Personal branding photo by photographer Atelier Shai in The Loft
Studio: The Living Room Photo credits: Atelier Shai

The two studios offer an excellent opportunity for photographers to distinguish themselves from the competition. Offer your customers a beautiful and complete experience. Have you ever looked at our credits? Shoot with a discount! The perfect solution for returning photographers.

Personal branding inspiration by Mabel van den Top
Studio: The Bedroom Photo credits: Atelier Mabel

business portrait

A business photoshoot is more than just a professional headshot.

A professional portrait is serious business. You can use a profile picture on LinkedIn or Instagram. It is incredibly valuable to get the most out of your shoot day. Always go well prepared. Book a makeup artist and bring your favorite photographer. It doesn't stop with one portrait. Complete a gallery with various imagery. You can use it for a longer period of time and for your own personal branding. Online and offline.

Photo shoot location for entrepreneurs inspiration for personal branding photography
Studio:The Loft Photo credits: Kim Captein
Personal branding photoshoot inspiration by Mandy Brander in The Loft
Studio: The Loft Photo credits: Mandy Brander

a favorite

Organize a shoot day

Book a whole day and organize different business shoots in Atelier Oost Amsterdam. As a photographer you can consider booking the studio for 8 hours or a full day. During the day you invite your greatest customers to portray him or her and take beautiful pictures.


create a team

Find a photographer

Find a makeup artist

OUR STUDIO FOCUSES ON a complete experience.

inspire and create

No day is the same at Atelier Oost Amsterdam. Be inspired by the success stories of our customers and view the beautiful results by category on this page. The place where we have collected the best results.

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