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Stylishly furnished photo studios for rent

Organizing a high end personal branding photoshoot in a stylishly furnished photo studio? campaign productions with video? A lifestyle photography day full with mini shoots for families? It is all possible at Atelier Oost Amsterdam

We offer stylishly furnished photo studios for rent in Amsterdam at several locations. It's possible to rent a photo studio per 2, 4, 8 or 12 hours per day. The unique photostudio spaces are fully furnished with trendy design pieces and stunning props. The carefully selected items are available. Bring your production to a great success!


The Loft


The Playground


How Atelier Oost Amsterdam became thé perfect photo studio

In March 2021 founder Roos Oosterbroek started by renovating an old class room. The Living Room - unfortunately closed - was the beginning of Atelier Oost Amsterdam. The brand has since grown into one of the most popular photo studio in the Netherlands. You will find the stylishly furnished spaces, like The Loft and The Playground, in beautiful characteristic buildings in Amsterdam East.

Offering fully decorated studios for photography has always been the starting point for Atelier Oost Amsterdam. By using a stylish space with context, various corners and eye-catching props creatives are given the freedom to do what they do best: to create next level imagery.

Photo credits: Roos Oosterbroek
Photo studio: The Playground, The Loft, The Living Room en The Bedroom

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Recent visitors

Photo credits: James Stokes
Studio: The Loft


Stylish and unique: The style of our studio spaces

Atelier Oost Amsterdam is the most stylishly furnished photography studio in The Netherlands. By using chalk paint in trendy colors with various structures, photos never get boring. With careful and well-considered choices, made by our professionals in the field of interior styling, the colors, materials and atmospheres in the studio of Atelier Oost Amsterdam is always on trend and timeless at the same time. Gorgeous natural light, hand-picked fabrics and design furniture make the photo studio the place to create high-quality content.

Because the studio has a big and open space, it's easy to move furniture around. Carefully, of course. Decor pieces, room dividers and movable arch wall make it possible to create various corners and never-seen-before shots. Bring your own, as the creative team of Vandyck did, furniture and products. We provide unlimited possibilities to create your very own creative content. We cannot wait to welcome your in one of our studios by Atelier Oost Amsterdam!

Client love. Recent testimonials.
The photo studio provides unlimited possibilities because of the contrast between dark and light walls. The decor pieces give us the possibility to create variation and depth into our photo and video content. Highly recommended!
Valentina Blonda
The gorgeous space is a stylish studio and perfectly fits our branding. Fantastic for a shoot. The result is amazing, every time. The models and products are captured beautifully. It exceeds all expectations.
Savara Intimates
I got my pictures taken at Atelier Oost Amsterdam and WOW what a beautiful location! Stunning light, a big space, lovely interior. Every detail is correct. The hosts are great. It even smells good! Highly recommended!
Karlijn Kwint
Business coach
Recent testimonials
Unlimited possibilities
Campaign photography

Launching a brand new product? Do you want to highlight a new collection? Or are you looking for a photo location for a look book or campaign? The Atelier Oost Amsterdam daylight studios are perfect for organizing your next photo shoot.

Fashion photography

Atelier Oost Amsterdam offers a photo location for your next fashion campaign. Photography both spring/summer and fall/winter collections in the large and open studio. A collection with neutral tones, bright colors or popping prints will stand out in our bright rental locations.

Maternity photography

Our serene and cozy photo studios are perfect for a pregnancy photoshoot or new born photography. Use trendy design furniture, play with soft fabrics and use the natural light. Capture this special moment in your live.

Photo credits: Alina Krasieva
Studio: The Loft

Our team

After almost two years, the team of Atelier Oost Amsterdam has grown with creative, ambitious women. They ensure that you feel at home, where nothing is missing. The team of creative enthusiasts are available every day to take care of you and your team. Together they make Atelier Oost Amsterdam: an aesthetic and fully furnished photo studio in Amsterdam where you can feel completely at home.


We work with fixed prices and time slots of 2, 4, 8 and 12 hours. You can check the live availability per day, week or month in our online agenda. You can book directly online. Complete the payment within one hour and your booking is confirmed. We work with prepayment only. No refunds.

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That's unfortunately not an option. We only offer the possibility to rent our studio in fixed time slots for 2, 4, 8 or 12 hours. A booking per hour is therefore not an option.
Unfortunately we cannot hold the date for you. We can never guarantee whether a date or time slot is still available after you last checked. Make sure to book the date and time slot immediately, and as soon as you have your team and schedule ready. First come, first served.

We work with prepayment at all times. This is the only way we can confirm your booking.

When placing a booking, make sure you complete the payment immediately and within 30 minutes. If the payment is missing, your reservation will automatically be removed from our agenda. It may just be that someone else books your date in the meantime. Be quick or cry later!

Unfortunately we can't let you in earlier. It might be that there's a booking still going on or that the hosts hasn't arrived yet. Always make sure that the planning fits within the booked time slot. We will be ready for you five minutes before the time slot starts.

Make sure you are ready to go when the time slot ends. We will notify you 15 minutes before the time slot end and kindly ask you to finish up.

If you're in need of extra time and the studio and host is available, you can upgrade your time slot per 30 minutes for an additional fee. Please pay the fee on the spot, before you extend your time slot.

There is no extra space in the photo studio available for hair and make up.

If you want to have the make-up taken care of prior to your booking, we always recommend that you do this at home or take it into account when booking a time slot. We can't let you in earlier.

When you need to do hair and make up in the studio, there's room at the big tables.

If you're in need of extra time and the studio and host is available, you can upgrade your time slot per 30 minutes for an additional fee. Please pay the fee on the spot, before you extend your time slot.

You are responsible for receiving guests, such as models or photographers. We recommend to share your phone number and contact details with them.

Please note: Never let unknown persons, who are not part of your team, into our buildings, studios or spaces.

Our host will always be working at the big table in the photography studio during the time slot. For all your questions and great coffees. If she is in your way, please ask her to move. She will never get in the way of your shoot. The host is not responsible for your production, team or guests.

The host is not responsible for your team, production or guests.

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