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Our studio is perfect for on-location video productions.

Are you looking for a location to shoot your video production or run a TV show? Atelier Oost Amsterdam is the perfect studio to create high-quality video content. It is a unique, bright location that provides high-quality furniture. All of this to make your shoot, video production, and content campaign a great success.

Large production houses including RTL4 and SBS6, as well as various small businesses have already shot their video productions with us. We welcome you and your team to our well-lit studio. Use the available furniture or bring your own props. Work together on the video production of your dreams. The possibilities are endless at Atelier Oost Amsterdam.

Photo credits: Isa Wiegers
Studio: The Loft

Fashion video

Studio: The Loft
Video: Wendy Danenberg for Refined Department

Fantastic moody video created by the creative team of Refined Department at The Loft. Watching this video makes you covet this beautiful fashion collection, doesn't it?

Video credits: CLIFF
Studio: The Loft

Film Shooting

Enough Moving Space for Variety

The open space at Atelier Oost Amsterdam provides enough room for movement, set styling and working together. The props and beautiful furniture provide enough variety in your shots. Let your models shine on screen in the fully furnished studio. Work together on innovative, unique film sets and creative campaigns in this video studio.

Product video

Studio: The Loft
Video: CLIFF for Vogel's

This is what we call a video production with a next-level commercial outcome. In this product video, The Loft is almost unrecognizable. We even have a TV! In this video production everything comes together: styling, direction, production, and more. Who wouldn't want to live here?

video studio

Bring Furniture, Props and Accessories

Due to the diversity in the space and creative freedom we offer, it is of course allowed to bring your own items and props. This way you can create special shots that maintain their uniqueness. No video production will be the same. Every campaign can be a success. Be inspired by other video productions from our customers below. Also, check out their experiences with Atelier Oost Amsterdam in these testimonials at our studio.

Photo credits: Isa Wiegers
Studio: The Loft

The Most Beautiful Video Productions

Mood Video

Studio: The Loft
Video: Moonwake for JOARZ

We already said it: "Feel like you're in New York City." That's exactly how it feels when you see this incredibly creative mood video in The Loft. This video was created by the creative team of Moonwake for JOARZ bedding.


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No day is the same at Atelier Oost Amsterdam. Be inspired by the success stories of our customers and view the beautiful results by category on this page. The place where we have collected the best results.

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