Interior photography

Display home products in an atmospheric setting

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Interior photography

Stylish images in a minimalistic setting

A good location provides the foundation for successful interior photography shoot. There is plenty of room for stylists and the interior photographer. Beautiful light also enters the space. We provide a pleasant working atmosphere in the studio. The photo studios at Atelier Oost Amsterdam are the perfect location to rent for a production with interior photography.

Lifestyle imagery by Robuust Amsterdam for inspiration for interior photo shoot in the photostudio
Studio: The Loft Photo credits: Robuust Amsterdam
Studio:The Loft Photo credits: Mylene Timessen

Stylish home magazines, furnished rooms, and inspiring content. Who wouldn't want that? In the fully furnished daylight studio at Atelier Oost Amsterdam you can use all kinds of high-quality props and designer furniture. We offer you all the tools to make your production become a success. Move our furniture around, create your own setting and vary with all the accessories that we have available. Let your creativity run wild and work with your interior photographer on the most beautiful setting.

Have you ever thought about alternating your photos with overview and close-up images? You can make beautiful detail shots and also show the product in a stylish setting. This way, the product really comes to life! Also, see the page about product photography for some really nice and inspiring examples.

Interior photography styled setting by interior photographer James Stokes for Vandyck
Studio:The Loft Photo credits: James Stokes

In our bright daylight studios the sun enters in the morning. This, combined with the open space and high walls, creates the perfect shooting location with endless possibilities.

Atmosphere impression of The Loft for photography possibilities at Atelier Oost Amsterdam
Studio: The Loft Photo credits: Roos Oosterbroek
Studio: The Loft Photo credits: Mylene Timessen

The photo studios are designed, decorated and furnished by founder Roos Oosterbroek, an interior photographer at heart. Roos has an aesthetic eye and feel for design and materials. Additionally, she is a photographer herself. She has arranged the spaces from a photographic point of view. This way, she knows how to furnish the spaces perfectly for all kinds of photography. See the interior photos made by our customers on this page. Read about their experience at our studio.

Interior photographer

Spaces designed by an interior photographer

Make use of all the lovely corners throughout the day or create your own unique setting for interior photography. Make sure to bring your own furniture and products! Turn the studio into a place you have never seen before.

Open cabinet inspiration by interior photographer Chiela for Dévé Creations in The Loft
Studio: The Loft Photo credits: Chiela

Interior brands at the studio

Campaign photography interior setting by photographer James Stokes for Vandyck bedding
Studio: The Loft Photo credits: James Stokes

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Every studios offers a unique opportunity for home brands to stand out from the competition with inspiring images. And of course the imagery needs an update with every new collection. We are all big fans of consistency, so making more use of our studios is the ideal solution. Take a look at our credits and shoot at a reduced rate per booking. Perfect for returning customers.

Stylish corners

Use every corner for variation in your photos

Professional images are almost indispensable in the online world. Make the most of your shooting day by working with a fantastic team in the studio at Atelier Oost Amsterdam. Always go well prepared. Hire a stylist and bring your favorite photographer. You can shoot a complete image gallery in just one day. Picture you can use for a longer period of time on several media.

Photo for LAB Paint by photographer Roos Oosterbroek
Studio: The Loft Photo credits: Roos Oosterbroek
Studio: The Loft Photo credits: Mylene Timessen

We are regularly asked whether you can bring your own furniture or products. Of course you can! We are very curious about your collection, home accessories or interior gems. So always feel free to bring your own collection. Please note: read the FAQ carefully. Everything needs to fit in the studio. Nothing can be left in the hallways.

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No day is the same at Atelier Oost Amsterdam. Be inspired by the success stories of our customers and view the beautiful results by category on this page. The place where we have collected the best results.

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