Stylishly furnished daylight studios in Amsterdam.

Daylight studio in Amsterdam

Are you looking for a daylight studio in Amsterdam? A studio for a fashion shoot? A setting for picture perfect product photos? Or a space for personal branding photography? The inspiring daylight studio of Atelier Oost Amsterdam offers endless possibilities for photographers, stylists and producers.

We'd like to welcome creatives, who want to work at the most beautiful daylight fulled rental studio. We offer an aesthetic serene environment to create next level content. Bring your talented team together. We are happy to inspire, connect and make you feel welcome. So that your production becomes a great success.

Stylishly furnished daylight studios in Amsterdam.

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The Loft

The Loft is a minimalistic, aesthetic and luxurious daylight studio. Wander in New York City. A natural light studio of one hundred twenty-five square meters. The magnificent natural light comes in from two sides: the East (sunrise) and the West.

The high classical windows of an old school building, the arches and the stage floor make this a space with infinite possibilities. The sunlight comes in from early morning and shows itself again at the end of the day during the long summer days.

  • New York City vibes.
  • A 125m2 spacious studio with 4m high ceiling.
  • Fresh oat cappuccinos included.
  • Suitable for the bigger productions.

Zij gingen je voor in onze daglicht studio's

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The Playground

The Playground. An open space of two hundred and seventy square meters, filled with the most beautiful light from the East, West, and North. The space has enormously high windows and a light floor. This ensures that daylight is drawn inside.

Sunlight enters throughout the entire day. In the morning, it illuminates the area near the grand staircase. Towards the end of the day, you can expect a magical play of light on the other side of the space. This makes photographing at Atelier Oost Amsterdam incredibly enjoyable and diverse.

  • Furnished with design furniture.
  • Een lichte fotostudio van 270m2.
  • Unlimited coffees and tea.
  • Suitable for large photo- and video shoots.
Client love. Recent testimonials.
This photo studio has everything I wish for as a videographer. Roos put al lot of thought into every detail. Even on rainy days I have enough light to create amazing imagery. This makes Atelier Oost Amsterdam unique for me. It's a beautiful as on the photos on the website!
The moment I entered the studio the look and feel just blew my mind. The fragrance takes you along during the photo shoot and gives a great atmosphere to the space. The high quality furniture give a next level feeling to the photos. Perfect for my client. I love it!
I booked one of the studios for my personal branding shoot. It feels great, immediately when you enter the space. I was lucky with a sunny day. The light enter though the high windows and play around in the space. It feels like you're in the spotlight. The host is kind. I am a happy customer.
Interior designer
Recent testimonials

Endless possibilities with the most beautiful design items.


Book the daylight studio at a reduced rate

This great offer is perfect for returning customers, photographers and brands. Save up to 50% on bookings. Take advantage of the discount we offer. Buy time slots in advance with credit packages. You can exchange credits by placing your booking and use your personal code in the checkout. You get extra bonus credits, wanneer je besluit om regelmatig onze daglicht studio’s te boeken voor een fotoshoot, videoproductie of campagne.

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