Our studio: 10 reasons why

No brand can get around it anymore: photo shoot locations. Spaces that are specially designed for organizing high-quality campaign shoots or fantastic personal branding photography. You don't do this anymore at home or outside. You book a stylishly furnished daylight studio.

A place where everything is possible, where everything has been thought of that you need as a creative person. From beautiful daylight to high-quality furniture to finish your setting. And from beautiful accessories to the most delicious coffee to help you recharge during the shoot. We are happy to share all the benefits of our photo shoot location with you, so you know everything you need to know before you come over and enjoy the studio.

Furnished with minimalistic design and aesthetic details

Impression of Elize Been on the stairs in the photo studio The Loft
Studio:The Loft
Alina Krasieva is one of our favorite personal branding photographers
Studio: The Loft

Move furniture around and create the perfect setting

To get the most out of your photo shoot, you need to get creative. You can create unique settings over and over. So you will shoot images that nobody has ever seen before. That's what we all want. And that's why it's so great at Atelier Oost Amsterdam that you can move the most beautiful furniture through the space. That way you can create a setting to your own liking.

Move and change the setting within the space. Or bring your own accessories and furniture. Photographing your new interior collection? We love that at Atelier Oost Amsterdam! The spaces are big enough to accommodate a full team of stylists, photographers, and models. And of course you can also store your things.  

When you are looking to create that one, aesthetic image, a setting may or may not work for you. A photo tells more than a thousand words and styling is more important than ever. Luckily at our furnished photo studios the possibilities are endless. When you developed a concept that closely matches your brand's vision, you will notice that everything comes together over here. And then the most beautiful things happen. Create unique perspectives. Or make it personal by having a model take a place in the stylish setting. 

Studio:The Livingroom
The Living room - chroom barkruk
Studio:The Livingroom

Make use of various corners and play with the sunlight that touches the walls

Complete and refreshing image gallery

High windows, various textures in both furniture and accessories and in paint and walls. The daylight studios of Atelier Oost Amsterdam are minimally styled and offer all the facets for a successful shoot. The spaces are gigantic and open. That way, there is enough room for you, your team and all the necessary styling items. Due to the diversity of corners, created by our founder Roos Oosterbroek, an aesthetic, stylish, and thought-out photo shoot location has arisen. 

Did you know that Roos is an interior photographer herself? That's why she also looks at the locations with a photographic eye. She is critical. You can count on that.

Inspiration for The Bedroom photo studio Atelier Oost Amsterdam
Studio (gesloten):The Bedroom
Interior photography inspiration by Roos Oosterbroek
Studio (gesloten):The Bedroom

Furniture by well-known designers

Our spaces are stylishly furnished with high-quality furniture from well-known designers. On the walls you will find beautiful shades of lime paint with natural textures, which provides extra depth in your image. Make use of mirrors, accessories and background fabrics. Let your models parade through the space and feel like you're in a New York City vibe.

The perfect accessories and props. Also handy: a clothing rack and steamer.

Use our carefully selected props

No shoot is complete without good styling, where our beautiful props can enhance your shoot. From vases to crystals and incense to coffee table books; we can't get enough of them. There is enough choice for everyone to use the most beautiful props in your shoot. You can also bring your own items. Make your shoot personal and innovative.

Clothing rack and steamer

Besides the best props we also provide you with a clothes rack and steamer. When you work with models you bring the most gorgeous clothing sets to life. Make use of our HAY Loop Stand clothing rack for hanging the fashion collection. You can also use the professional steamer. Everything for a successful fashion shoot. 

Studio: The Playground
Studio: The Townhouse

The possibilities at Atelier Oost Amsterdam make our daylight studio multifunctional for all kinds of businesses, brands and types of photography and videography. With a light, neutral base, there is plenty of room for creativity and personal input. Here we would like to put all ten benefits in a row:

  1. Switch the furniture and create a unique setting, time and time again. As our spaces are large and open, there is enough space to bring in your own furniture as well. This way, you'll always be able to photograph from a new angle with a new view for endless possibilities.


  2. Use the high quality items, which are carefully selected: you will be enjoying the most beautiful design pieces and stunning accessories for that money-shot. You will definitely see that in your pictures.
  3. Because of the wide and open spaces there's plenty of room to work with a large creative team : a photographer, videographer, models, stylists... Everybody is welcome at Atelier Oost Amsterdam!
  4. Enjoy unlimited coffees and tea together during your booking. Be inspired by our host with the most delicious lunch tips or snacks; we provide the plates, cutlery and cups.
  5. Because of the high ceilings and large classic windows at lot of magical light wil enter the space. It's most magik on sunny days: the sunlight plays within the room. During the day the light and reflections will surprise you. That makes photographing at Atelier Oost Amsterdam enchanting.
  6. Because of textures, colors and textiles you add more depth and dimension to your imagery. No image will be boring. Trust us.
  7. Use our carefully selected props and accessories. Think about candles, coffee table books, incense and vases; everything within reach.
  8. Give your makeup artist all the room he or she needs at the large tables in the studio. Just next to a window for perfect light. With chairs in various heights are there enough handles available to get started.
  9. Fashion styling can't be forgotten by brands and entrepreneurs. Steam all clothes with our professional steamers and use our HAY clothing rack. We'd love to provide everything you need!
  10. Somebody said coffee? Of tea, of course. We'd love to make you a welcoming drink. Oat cappuccino is our most famous drink. Perfect to start your shoot.


Are you already inspired and can't wait to get started with your campaign at Atelier Oost Amsterdam? Book your shoot now.

Inspiration for minimalistic photography studio The Loft with arches
Studio: The Loft
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