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The perfect location for product launches with influencers

venue for events

Original, inspiring and a photogenic decor

Explore the brand new and unique event venue of Atelier Oost Amsterdam: The Playground. This daylight studio offers an unprecedented original and inspiring setting for various occasions, such as receptions, lectures, product launches, press days, workshops, and more. The Playground is a true playground for creative minds, brands, and entrepreneurs. With a generous 272 square meters of studio space, your target audience will instantly immerse themselves in the most fantastic daydreams.

Imagine the summery, incredibly relaxed atmosphere you experience during a vacation in Miami. Now, you can recreate that same ambiance for your own event! With a prominent palm tree as the central element and a combination of soft colors in the decor, this venue offers a minimalist and serene experience. There is no more elegant way to launch your product, organize a corporate reception, or conduct a workshop. It's the perfect location to host influencers and business associates.

Photo credits: Lonneke Noordeloos
Studio: The Playground


This unique event venue has an industrial aesthetic that is not rough or unfinished, but rather refined and elegant. Upon entering the event venue, you are embraced by a sense of warmth, as if stepping under a soft blanket. The air is filled with beautiful shades of lilac, peach, and pink. With an enchanting color palette, unique design objects, and the breathtaking interplay of light shining through the space, our venue creates a captivating atmosphere. That's why our photo studio will be the perfect backdrop for any kind of event.

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Organise an event in Amsterdam

Discover this extraordinary event venue in Amsterdam that offers a wealth of possibilities. In addition to its beautiful and stylish decor, this location features a common area with a well-equipped kitchenette, a cozy oak dining table, a personal seating area, and convenient toilet facilities. Furthermore, your guests can enjoy the convenience of ample parking right at the doorstep, thanks to the venue's ideal location with the ring of Amsterdam.

Our venue offers a sophisticated and enchanting backdrop that is perfect for the social media posts of your guests. With so much beauty surrounding them, you can trust that the attendees will undoubtedly capture amazing photos for all their channels. The Playground is enriched with unique mirrored objects that add an extra dimension to the visuals. Additionally, silver accents, such as an aluminum chair, provide the perfect finishing touch.

Photo credits: Lonneke Noordeloos
Studio: The Playground

A venue for events that exceeds all expectations

Endless possibilities

This venue surpasses the concept of a photoshoot location. It is a space where you can create special moments and experience unforgettable creative encounters during your event. Just imagine organizing the launch of a new beauty product here. Or how about promoting your emerging brand through an interactive workshop? Moreover, this location is perfect for hosting a networking event where people can make valuable connections. Take your event to the next level at this exceptional venue. Contact our studio manager for all possibilities!

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Not one day in Atelier Oost Amsterdam is the same. Be inspired by the success stories of our visitors and behold the wonderful results per category on this page. The place where we have collected the best photos.

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