Reflection photography with our Disco Cube

As a photographer, you know better than anyone how important it is to always keep up to date with new techniques and trends. This way you not only improve your photography skills, but you can also make a difference compared to your competitors. Reflection photography is an example of such a trend. In recent years, this type of photography has gained a lot of popularity because reflections can add an extra dimension to a photograph. Also, reflection photography gives a boost to creativity: you immediately feel inspired to start experimenting. In this blog, we will give you our tips and tricks so you will soon be a reflection photography pro.

Why choose reflection photography?

Photo credits: Alina Krasieva
With reflection photography, you immediately grab the viewer's attention. In fact, it gives your photos almost a magical edge. Through an interplay of the right (day) light and a reflective object, you bring more dimension and depth to a shot. Reflection photography can optically give more space and can offer a playful effect through the reflection of light. In short: a real must-do for every photographer.

Reflections are everywhere and with a little creativity and the right angle you can create a unique image. In The Loft, you can use our Disco Cube by the brand Yellow Bubble. This all time favorite cube is studded with silver mirrors and gives an amazing effect in combination with sunlight. With the Disco Cube you can go wild with many different types of photography. Do you do the photography for a webshop with products, such as home accessories or jewelry? Use the cube as a side table. When using a model, you can choose to have him or her sit on the cube. You can vary endlessly with different, creative poses.

For a fashion shoot with an editorial atmosphere, the Disco Cube is a very good addition. You can use this cube to play with light. This way you create an enchanting effect around your model. Or how about using the Cube during a shoot for party collections? The shimmering silver allows you to create a festive atmosphere in no time. Tip from us: always be on time with a photo studio booking. Once during the holidays, all spots are guaranteed to be full.
Fashion shoot inspiratie door Isa Wiegers op onze shootlocatie
Photo credits: Isa Wiegers
Photo credits: Alina Krasieva

How can I work with reflection photography?

In addition to our Disco Cube, you'll find a number of other options for reflection photography at The Loft. For example, you can experiment with our beautiful mirrors from ZARA HOME, OUT and ETHNICRAFT / LIVE LIGHT. By placing a mirror at different positions of the model, you can create unique compositions. Play around with different angles and change your point of view. Take pictures from above, below or from an angle. Preferably you work with reflection photography always in a well-lit space such as The Loft. Because of the large windows and high ceiling, you are always guaranteed the best natural light.

To inspire you and give you some ideas in advance, we have collected some beautiful images in this blog post. These photos were all shot at The Loft.
Fashion photo by Lisa van Dam for F/W collection of Simple The Brand at The Loft studio
Photo credits: Lisa van Dam
Fashion photography inspiration by Isa Wiegers at Atelier Oost Amsterdam
Photo credits: Isa Wiegers

Tips for capturing reflection photography

You may choose to use a polarizing filter. In fact, this can help reduce unwanted reflections and improve the colors in the photo. Also, a polarizing filter can be a good tool to bring out details more beautifully. As we mentioned above, playing with different angles is recommended. Alternate between camera height and distance to come up with new insights.

To take clear and sharp pictures, you can also choose a tripod for reflection photography. With reflection photography, you need to work very precisely and precisely, and a tripod can be a good tool for this. It will reduce movement in the photo, resulting in a higher quality image. Besides natural daylight, always make sure you have the right settings on your camera itself. This is a no brainer, of course, but crucial in reflection photography. Also, experiment with different settings for a surprising end result.
Atelier Oost Amsterdam host Roos
Photo credits: Alina Krasieva
With filters, you can enhance the colors from the image and give the photo an artistic look. Therefore, use filters to enhance reflective photography and give a photo your signature look. Finally, always make use of proper post-processing. Vary with brightness and contrast, as well as highlights and exposure. Reflection photography invites you to try and play, which is precisely why we find this type of photography so interesting.
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