The Playground's most beautiful corners

Earlier, you could read in our sneak peek discover what our amazing new studio The Playground looks like. For those who missed it (hardly possible): a short time ago, we opened this dreamy studio, most reminiscent of the clouds in our daydreams in terms of colour palette. This iconic photo studio makes the wildest dreams of creatives, brands and entrepreneurs come true and offers a wealth of possibilities.

We wanted to talk about exactly these possibilities in this blog post. After all, we'd love to tell you about all the different nooks and crannies I decorated in The Playground. At Atelier Oost Amsterdam, we think it is very important that you can experiment endlessly with different backgrounds. So you are always standing in the same space, yet no two photos are the same.

Create dreamy images at Amsterdam's most esteemed photography studio

When designing The Playground, I worked with a dreamy colour palette of beige with peach, lilac and pink. It also contains several light and earthy hues. This ensures that lovers of both colour and neutrals can find their photography here, and that you can alternate enough between the two. Besides all the options we are going to mention below, there are also paper rolls available. So you can use different backgrounds all the time. In addition, we have decorated The Playground in a minimalist way, with just enough props, but certainly not too many. So you can move around and play.

Stairs for a 'wow' feeling

First up: the stairs. Atelier Oost Amsterdam is now inseparable from the most magical staircases, so the pressure was high. The four staircases are all great to experiment with, but the real eye-catcher is my double one. The bottom, extra section can be moved and even rotated however you like. This not only produces great images with fashion photography, for example. You can also go wild with stylish product photos here!

When you are hosting an event and want to address a group of people, the double staircase is also a favorite. I should know, because I spoke on this during the opening drinks at The Playground. Because you stand higher than your audience, you automatically attract attention. This makes The Playground the perfect event venue. And that amazingly beautiful WOWpaint color Mykonos on the wall helps too.

Besides the double staircase, you can also use the built-in staircase, for example, when you want a more mysterious look. This is also very nice for a lingerie shoot. Shift the chrome Vitra chair or place it next to the stairs. That way, you can have one model pose on the stairs, and the other perhaps in the chair.

Bring your story to life with playful see-through pieces

At The Playground, you'll find another treasure trove of playful see-through pieces. For example, how about the hot pink wall with a wooden bench by Live Light? Perfect for seating one or more models, both on the bench and in front and behind the vista.

Another lovely see-through is the sand-coloured wall with an arch cut-out in a peach colour. Wonderful for hanging casually against, and also playful because of the wall with built-in compartments. On this wall, you can see a gorgeous colour of WOWpaint Mykonos with a fine black Driade chair in front of it. Have you come to take product photos? Then of course it is also possible to take our props out of the boxes and put your own products there. Or maybe make a combination.

Sitting corners for professional photography in Amsterdam

The seating areas in The Playground create instant Miami holiday vibes. Because I placed this seating area near the large windows, you enjoy great, direct light all day long. Or use the transparent curtains for a mysterious, soft effect. Use the large, stylish sofa, and slide the palm tree for a great shadow effect of leaves on the ground. Liven up your photography by playing with the silver and round side tables.

Another cool seating area! Take a seat on our smaller, brown sofa with round rugs. You can use the pink donut to sit in, or place your products on the black or silver side tables.
A personal and intimate setting
Photograph in our dining table corner with fantastic designer furniture. Create a unique and intimate setting with Occony's round dining table and our Dirk van der Kooij chubby chair in pink colour. The wood from the table gives a serene look against the peach-coloured wall with paint from Coverstory Paint. To ensure enough variety, on the other wall you will find two brown-coloured panels with WOWpaint paint, so you can alternate between the two backgrounds.

Capture the perfect moments: discover our photo studio in Amsterdam

Besides product photography., fashion shoots and events, you can of course do a lot of other creative things with The Playground. interior photographers can go wild with all the different backdrops, in which furniture from any brand can be placed. Or how about a brand of bedding? With an area of 272 square metres, you can display one or more beds to create a bedroom feel.
At The Playground, you can also go for personal photography where you want to go next level. How about a branding photoshoot between soft, dreamy colours? With this, you are guaranteed to achieve an open, warm atmosphere on the images. Or how about Maternity photography? The ambience of The Playground feels like one big dream. Will you also come and shoot in this little piece of heaven on earth? Then book The Playground for various mini sessions with entrepreneurs or families.

The possibilities are endless. Several entrepreneurs and brands have gone before you, and we can't wait for the amazing results. Will you be next?
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