Maternity photography: 7 X the most beautiful inspiration

Photo credits header: Beyoutiful Fotografie

Pregnancy is, of course, a special and unique experience. As a lasting memory, many women choose to capture (or have captured) this special period in their lives. Maternity photography is a wonderful way to highlight the beauty of you as a mommy to be, and to celebrate all the beautiful changes happening in your body.

Why choose maternity photography?

First of all, this type of photography is a great way to have your baby's growth captured. By having photos taken during your pregnancy, you can look back later and see how your body developed. Maternity photography is also a great way to emphasize the bond between you as an expectant mother and your baby. Many women feel a connection with their little one during pregnancy, and these images can capture and reinforce that love.

Maternity photography is also an appropriate way to celebrate and share your special time with your partner, friends and family. These pregnancy photos are perfect to share on social media, for example, or to give as a framed gift to loved ones. A pregnancy shoot is also a very nice gift to a loved one, colleague, friend or family member who is pregnant, to put her in the extra spotlight. A gift she will cherish forever.
Studio:The Loft Photo credits: Beyoutiful Fotografie
Maternity photography by Marije Kocken in The Bedroom photo studio in Amsterdam
Studio:The Bedroom Photo credits: Marije Kocken

Everything you want to know about maternity photography

The best time to have maternity photos taken is generally during 30 to 35 weeks. At this time, you are often still fairly mobile, and your beautiful belly is already beautifully round. This ultimately makes for the most beautiful maternity photo. To ensure that your shoot is as personal as possible, you can determine the angle of the photos yourself. Some women choose to have only photos taken of themselves, whether completely standing or close-ups of the belly. Of course, you can also include your partner or your children in the shoot. Also think about the style of the photos: do you go for timeless portraits, or do you prefer a more creative approach?

Choose a photographer that suits your needs and personal style. There are many photographers specializing in maternity photography, each with their own way of shooting and post-processing. Always choose a photographer who makes you feel comfortable. After all, there is nothing more important than you feeling confident on this important day. To help you choose, we have listed some inspiration below. Here you will find the most beautiful maternity photos in the studios of Atelier Oost Amsterdam.
Lifestyle fotoshoot inspiratie door Marije Kocken in The Bedroom
Studio: The Bedroom Photo credits: Marije Kocken
Studio:The Loft Photo credits: Carline van Kuijk Fotografie
Marije Kocken

Marije's photography radiates purity, individuality and creativity. This is exactly why she is the right person to create an intimate, personal setting. Marije lovingly captures your story on film.
Beyoutiful Fotografie

Chantal dreams of capturing the most beautiful memories on film every day. This strong, cheerful and ambitious woman also invites you to fully embrace yourself. You are a powerhouse, show it to the world.
Studio: The Loft Photo credits: Beyoutiful Fotografie
Carline van Kuijk Fotografie

Carline loves to empower you, combining the personal aspect of maternity photography with high-end images. Family is most important to Carline, and you can definitely see this in her work.
Studio: The Loft Photo credits: Beyoutiful Fotografie

Bij Atelier Oost Amsterdam kun je voor prachtige en intieme zwangerschapsfoto’s terecht bij onze studio, The Loft. Het meest belangrijke vinden wij dat je je er direct thuis voelt, en dat je veiligheid, warmte en kalmte ervaart. Kenmerkend voor The Loft is het neutrale kleurenpalet en de minimalistische inrichting. Zo ben jij gegarandeerd het middelpunt tijdens jouw speciale shoot. The Loft is een oase van rust. Natuurlijke materialen, neutrale kleuren en organische vormen geven meteen een sereen gevoel. In onze studio van wel 125 vierkante meter groot kun jij prachtige beelden creëren.

Het natuurlijke licht dat hier de hele dag door schijnt, garandeert een waanzinnig eindresultaat. Door de unieke meubelen en met zorg geselecteerde accessoires kun je een persoonlijk, speels accent toevoegen. Wees niet bang dat The Loft vanwege de grootte minder intiem is: door de vele unieke hoekjes geniet je alsnog van een cozy sfeer.

Studio: The Loft Photo credits: Beyoutiful Fotografie

The right clothes for maternity photography

Another tip from us: always choose the right clothes. It is most important that you feel comfortable in your outfit. Therefore, go for fabrics that fall naturally around the body. Beautiful supple materials, which can be draped. This is wonderful to emphasize the baby belly with. Of course, you can also choose to wear or alternate with a more fitted look. Natural materials such as cotton, linen and silk and soft colors give a serene image in maternity photography.

Most important of all: een ontspannen en plezierige sfeer tijdens het shooten. Een goede fotograaf zal je een comfortabel gevoel geven, en zal aanwijzingen geven tijdens het fotograferen. Zo hoef je je geen zorgen te maken over poses en houdingen en heb je straks waanzinnig mooie zwangerschapsfoto’s. Uiteraard kun je ook altijd iemand uit je eigen omgeving meebrengen: zo voel je je sneller op je gemak. Wees vooral je eigen, mooie zelf. Onze studio’s garanderen een welkom, sfeervol gevoel dat je direct kunt ervaren vanaf het moment van binnenkomen. Zien we je snel?

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