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Photo credits header: Lonneke Noordeloos

Atelier Oost Amsterdam's studios are the place to bring your creativity to life. Here it's all about creating beautiful images that tell the story of your brand. But you know what might be even better than working alone in a photo studio? Sharing a studio with other talented people or creative teams! In this blog, we'd like to tell you all about the benefits of sharing a photo studio.

Atelier Oost Amsterdam's studios offer endless opportunities to collaborate or host a fantastic content day.

Sharing a photo studio offers a plethora of benefits for both photographers and other creative professionals. When different talents come together under one roof, tremendous synergy is created. A shared studio offers the opportunity to learn from and be inspired by other experts in your field. The exchange of ideas, techniques and experiences can lead to unexpected, innovative photography.

Besides sharing knowledge, a shared photo studio also offers practical benefits: how about cost savings? We can well imagine that not everyone (yet) has the budget to rent a studio themselves, and that is precisely why sharing is ideal. By sharing costs with others, you then keep more flexibility and space to invest in high-quality equipment, for example. Moreover, sharing a studio can expand your network and open up new opportunities for collaboration. You never know who you might meet during a content day or joint shoot!
Studio:The Loft Photo credits:Julie Attallah
Studio:The Loft Photo credits: Julie Attallah

Organizing a successful content day

Now that we've told you why sharing a photo studio is so great, we'd like to give you some tips for hosting a successful content day. This idea was actually kind of created by photographers and online influencers. By shooting with a group of influencers for half a day in a studio of Atelier Oost Amsterdam, you can save costs and make great contacts. As an influencer, you already have a good eye for photography, and so you can take pictures of each other during such a day.

Book a content shoot session with a photographer

Now you are not an influencer but would like to have a lot of images shot in one day(part)? There are a lot of good photographers who organize such a content day, where they offer different time slots at a competitive price. Against this price is a set of beautiful images that you can often choose yourself. Also, the photos are already completely edited and ready to use, and you can often order individual photos that fall outside the package.

We recommend Lonneke Noordeloos to, one of my favorites and also responsible for the first images of The Playground. Lonneke focuses her work on accentuating our feminine strength, and therefore prefers to have ambitious women in front of her lens. She regularly organizes fun shoot days in The Loft, and by now she knows the studio like the back of her hand. Keep an eye on her Instagram account to see when she organizes shoot days. Tip of the hat: sometime in August, Lonneke may be hosting another session at The Playground....
Studio:The Loft Photo credits: Lonneke Noordeloos
Studio:The Loft Photo credits: Lonneke Noordeloos

Another option is Julie Attallah From The Muse Synergy. This photographer organizes mini photo sessions especially for women and has been to The Loft several times.

Studio:The Loft Photo credits:Julie Attallah
By booking a mini session, you will enjoy a sixty-minute shoot with edited photos and an outfit change of three to four looks. There is also the option to do a concept call before the shoot takes place.
Studio:The Loft Photo credits:Julie Attallah

Photo studio sharing: getting started with your content day

If you are an influencer or online creative and would like to shoot a lot of footage, I would like to give you some personal tips. A content day is a great way to produce a lot of images in one go, for example for collaborations you have going on. So plan well ahead, and set a clear goal for the day. How many photos will you be satisfied with? Have a number of outfits ready, so you know how many sets you want to shoot.

Also, think about whether you want to create only photos or, for example, Instagram Reels or TikTok videos. If you are going to do this, it is advisable to get inspiration for the concept of your Reels or TikTok videos. And orient yourself in advance on our website, as you can see exactly what beautiful corners can be found in The Loft and The Playground. Invite other influencers or creatives, for example through a call on Instagram, and book a studio together. Working together not only enriches the results, but also makes the process more fun and inspiring.
Studio: The Loft Photo credits: Sabrina Putri

Organize a content photo shoot day for your brand

When you have a brand and have, for example, a look book or social media shoot, make sure you have a list of influencers and/or models you want to invite. Think about whether you want to work in a theme, such as your new summer collection or a special sale coming up. Arrange the necessary props and accessories and make sure a good lunch is provided as well. If you can't figure this out, me and my team always have great tips in the area for you.

A good example of a brand's successful content day: Hunkemöller's Ambassador Days. The lingerie and swimwear brand regularly invites a group of regular ambassadors to spend half a day shooting as much beautiful content as possible. This often involves a special campaign, and by organizing such a content day, you as a brand immediately create a boost around your campaign. When you book a studio such as The Loft or The Playground, the guests automatically go wild with their smartphones and cameras. The Insta proof environment makes it impossible not to be inspired.

Whether you have a brand or are an influencer, always organize the workflow for a relaxing day. The nice thing about The Loft is that it has, for example, a clothes rack and a dry cleaner waiting for you. Additionally, at The Playground, you'll also find a dedicated makeup area, which is handy for both you and any make-up artist and/or hairstylist. In both studios, you will enjoy beautiful, natural light throughout the day. However, it is recommended on darker days that you bring extra lighting.

Stop by and experience the magic of a shared photo studio

My most important advice: enjoy! Don't forget to have fun. After all, a content day is a great opportunity to express your passion for photography and creativity. Get inspired and let your creativity run wild. At Atelier Oost Amsterdam, we are convinced that sharing a photo studio with others is a valuable experience. It provides not only a platform for growth and development, but also a community of like-minded people who support each other. So why do it all alone when you can do it together? Stop by and discover the magic of our shared studio!
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