LOOKBOOK: The new colors from LAB PAINT

Paint your house, color the world. Like no other I, Rose, know how important it is to choose the right colors for your home. Interior colors play such an important role because they influence the atmosphere, the look and feel of a room. You've probably noticed before that as soon as you step into a room, you experience a certain feeling. This is very often due to the use of color. For example, you can experience a very zen, warm feeling with a color palette of earth tones like beige, sand and taupe. While deeper colors like emerald green or dark blue can again give a mysterious effect.

The importance of choosing the right interior paint

Photo credits: Roos Oosterbroek
The right choice of colors in an interior can help create the desired atmosphere. Consider a quiet bedroom or just a living room that you want to make lively with vibrant colors. What I also really like is that colors can influence the perception of a room. For example, dark shades make a room optically smaller, while light shades can make a room feel larger. When decorating small rooms, applying a light color is very helpful to create a sense of openness.

For me, interior paint is also a great way to highlight my style and personality. Consider vibrant and bold colors for a playful look. Or neutral tones for a timeless elegance, as I did in The Loft. In The Loft, I also used the neutral color palette to connect the different elements in this studio. This creates a sense of harmony, and this in turn creates the peace you feel when you step into The Loft. Matching colors to elements in a room, such as furniture, the floor or curtains, can create a cohesive, balanced whole. Also, your choice of color can work very nicely with the (natural) light in a room. Just look how beautifully the daylight through the huge windows of The Loft stands out against the neutral backdrop.
Photo credits: Roos Oosterbroek
Photo credits: Roos Oosterbroek

Now Vestingh Paint is really one of my favorite addresses when it comes to quality paint. Here you will find a huge range of colors, which ensure that your home really becomes a personal experience. In addition to various top brands, at Vestingh you can also buy paint from their own brand LAB PAINT. This sustainable paint line was developed and produced in the Netherlands and consists of a complete collection for both indoor and outdoor use. You will also find great coatings, lime paint and rust paint with which you can add a personal detail.

The LAB COLOUR COLLECTION of LAB PAINT has recently been expanded with up to 84(!!!) colors. With so many to choose from, you are of course guaranteed to find your favorite paint: beautiful for on the wall, but also on window frames or furniture you want to give a makeover. The other day LAB Paint rented The Loft for the campaign of their new collection, and here I was the interior photographer before the launch. How cool! So in this blog you'll find some of my favorite campaign images and I'd love to give you some background on the different colors.

Fun fact: every color in the collection is unique and has its own story. Think cool world cities to famous art, dishes and oriental spices.

Photo credits: Roos Oosterbroek
Photo credits: Roos Oosterbroek

A bohemian interior with warm colors

Do you, like me, love a neutral and earthy palette? As you can see in some of the images, the colors Saint-Tropez #460, Crystal Brut #307, Golden Leaf #752 and Ibiza Rush #966 were used. Saint-Tropez evokes the feeling of walking along a summer boulevard, and has a subtle, red undertone. The soft, bubbly whiteness of Crystal Brut lives up to its name. It exudes sophisticated luxury and elegance. A very nice combination with Golden Leaf: a beautiful brown hue reminiscent of early autumn. Ibiza Rush exudes Mediterranean warmth and is beautiful in a room you want to give a boho look & feel.

An urban and modern interior
For anyone who loves a sophisticated beige shade, White Truffle #644 is wonderful. This is a light beige color with brown-gray undertones. Soho #452 is a dark taupe that won't look out of place in beautiful penthouses. A good choice for a townhouse is Voila Paris #651: a warm gray tone with a stately look - far from chilly. Together or separately, these three colors guarantee a cool, urban look.

Pastel wall paint for a Parisienne look

Be like a Parisienne and go for Bisou Bisou #829. This color is like a kiss for your interior, and has a graying, pink hue. With this you can very nicely soften harder, architectural lines. Pastel Paradise #210 is also a soothing and graying pastel. Like a tropical paradise, this hue gives a mysterious but relaxed feeling. Combine the aforementioned paint colors with Petit Macaron #916 - a layered neutral with peach undertones.
Photo credits: Roos Oosterbroek
Powerful full shades for the home
Want to stay away from all the pastels and neutrals for a change? Then give a wall or an object a deeper color. According to LAB PAINT, Fabulous Saffron #446 is the ultimate ochre yellow. Here it is also very cool to use it for example on a cabinet or a (side) table (great for product photography.!) with it. Marie #114, in turn, is a deep burgundy with royal allure. The red in this goes very subtly with a black timbre and this gives a very exclusive vibe.

Think blue
The color psychology of blue represents reliable, bright and stable. With Gracious Blue #792 you go for a shade reminiscent of blue foam coral. This chic, grayish shade of blue has cool undertones and looks great with warm terra colors: very surprising.

Have you been totally inspired by the beautiful colors of LAB PAINT? Then come and experience The Loft. Here you create beautiful, minimalist images in which the colors come into their own beautifully. The Loft reflects that ultimate New York City feeling, but in an oasis of tranquility. Neutral colors meet you, in a beautiful blend of subtle home accessories, furniture with organic shapes and natural materials. Enjoy natural daylight through the tall windows, which further highlight the use of color. This guarantees a magical "wow" feeling from the first moment you enter the photo studio binnenstapt. We promise.
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