A personal branding photo shoot at The Playground

Photography and styling: Mabel van den Top

Strong Personal branding photography is vandaag de dag cruciaal voor iedere professional, ondernemer en freelancer. Dit is jouw unieke manier om jezelf te presenteren aan de wereld en aan potentiƫle klanten. Een persoonlijke imago fotoshoot is een geweldige manier om je visuele verhaal over te brengen aan de kijker, en om tegelijkertijd een kenmerkende indruk achter te laten. Al heel wat jaren ben ik expert op het gebied van persoonlijke branding, en daarom deel ik in deze blogpost graag waardevolle inzichten. Leer waarom je een personal branding shoot zou willen doen, en hoe je in The Playground een shoot kunt organiseren die je merk naar the next level tilt.

Why a personal branding shoot?

We all know that first impressions are crucial. And since so many entrepreneurs and specialists already exist today, the key is to stand out. You do this by letting your unique self shine in images. A branding shoot allows you to showcase your individuality and stand out from others in your field. Generate trust with clients by using professional, authentic and personal photos on all your social media channels and website. Consistency also increases recognition.

Photos additionally help you create an emotional connection with your target audience. They can thus build a sense of commitment. Also, always think of a personal branding shoot as an investment in yourself. In fact, this type of shoot is a valuable investment in your career, and can help you attract new opportunities.
Studio:The Playground Photo credits: Mabel van den Top
Studio:The Playground Photo credits: Mabel van den Top

Tips for a successful image photo shoot

Before you begin, I recommend setting clear goals for your shoot. Think carefully about the message you want to convey and the feeling you want to create. If you can't figure it out, you can always contact a professional who specializes in image styling and photography. For example, consider consulting a stylist to shop the right looks for you. After all, clothes are essential when it comes to reflecting your personality. A fashion stylist also pulls you out of your comfort zone: just look at my awesome end result at The Playground. Branding expert Mabel van den Top of Atelier Mabel did my styling and photography, and arrived with the most unexpected fashion items. Some of these awesome sets I would never have shopped together myself but turned out to totally work, and that in turn is the unique power of a good stylist.

Don't have the budget for a stylist or prefer to do the styling yourself? Then I recommend staying close to yourself and choosing items that best accentuate your figure, skin and hair color, and personality. After all, you need to feel comfortable in them throughout the shoot. Take multiple sets and experiment with different angles and backgrounds. Style your outfits with unique accessories that tell something personal about you.

The right location for your brand identity shoot: book a photo studio from Atelier Oost Amsterdam

As the founder of Atelier Oost Amsterdam, I obviously don't have to explain twice that the perfect location makes or breaks the photos. Always choose a location that suits your brand and your personality. The Playground is my newest studio and offers beautiful, versatile settings that can enhance your story. The dreamy pastel tones, unexpected vistas and three-dimensional staircases give a surreal effect: as if you were in a creative playground for adults. The palm tree, silver accents and cool designer furniture create that quintessential Miami holiday feeling on screen. Take advantage of the high ceilings with really o-ve-ral windows and natural daylight, which in turn playfully dances on the walls thanks to mirrored objects. Did I mention you have to experience this?
Studio:The Playground Photo credits: Mabel van den Top
Studio:The Playground Photo credits: Mabel van den Top
Another logical but truly indispensable tip: always work with a professional photographer. Choose an experienced photographer who is familiar with personal branding shoots and capturing authentic moments.
Studio:The Playground Photo credits: Mabel van den Top
Always check that the style you want to convey in images matches that of the photographer. A good photographer will always provide a mix of images: from portraits to action or work situations, to present a complete picture of your brand.
Studio:The Playground Photo credits: Mabel van den Top

Show your authentic self during a personal branding photo shoot

Always be yourself during a shoot. Authenticity appeals and creates a genuine connection with your target audience. What are your or your company's keywords and vision? What look and feel do you want to convey? Is it businesslike, playful, on trend, inviting or progressive? Or maybe you want a combination of these. Anno 2023 viewers no longer want model-esque, overly retouched photos: authenticity and imperfection are appreciated. Also, always take plenty of poses. Stay close to yourself while doing so, but also allow yourself to be pulled out of your comfort zone from time to time. The Playground is therefore a perfect setting to experiment with new poses and backgrounds.
Studio:The Playground Photo credits: Mabel van den Top

The Playground as a backdrop for your personal brand identity shoot

A personal image shoot is a powerful way to present yourself and your brand to the world. It helps you make a memorable first impression, build rapport with your target audience and set yourself apart from others. By working with a professional photographer and an inspiring location such as The Playground by Atelier Oost Amsterdam, you can create images that tell your visual story in an authentic and impactful way. Invest in yourself and boost your personal brand identity with a professional photo shoot!
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