Pop up collab

You cannot help but recognize an Art-In-Return artwork from thousands of others. When I first encountered the brand, I fell in love with this unique handmade 3D art from day one. The beautiful earthy color palette of browns, whites, and blacks reminded me immensely of The Loft, and I soon discovered even more similarities. The organic shapes you see in the artworks, which instantly convey a sense of tranquility, for example. I knew right away: I want this in my new home!

Unique artworks on the wall from July until September at The Loft

Unique artworks on the wall
I also find the story behind the brand incredibly cool. Annemieke van Beek, hailing from Amsterdam, graduated from AMFI and Art Academy St. Joost in Breda, and worked in the fashion industry for twenty-five years. She has an endless love for art, which eventually led her to a career switch. Annemieke draws inspiration for Art-In-Return mainly from her travels, combining influences from various cultures into her work. She is, without a doubt, the pioneer of these artworks and, in my opinion, The Original. The Original wat mij betreft.

Just like the style of The Loft photo studio , Annemieke's work is graphic, minimalist, and rustic. The creations of Art-In-Return always play with light and shadow throughout the day. You can gaze at them in awe, both from afar and up close. The longer you look at the artworks, the more your imagination takes flight. Through her work, Annemieke aims to radiate a flow of positivity. That's why she trades her work for the beautiful things in life. This can include creative collaborations, as well as hotel stays, dinners, and travels. It all serves as new inspiration for her work.

Atelier Oost Amsterdam and Art-In-Return present a pop-up collab

Are you, like me, head over heels for the original works of Art-In-Return? Then I have super exciting news for you! I convinced Annemieke to have a few gigantic pieces displayed in The Loft for three months. Art-In-Return and Atelier Oost Amsterdam have joined forces for an amazing temporary collab. As a lover of minimalist art, you absolutely cannot miss this.

Because I love working with other creatives with original ideas, and because Art-In-Return and The Loft complement each other so beautifully, this was an incredible match from the start. And let me tell you... I don't drill holes in the walls of The Loft for just anyone, but I do it for Annemieke. That says a lot.
Why should I experience this?
I believe that everyone can enjoy the original 3D art of Art-In-Return. After all, they look stunning in photos, and you just can't get enough of them. When I started taking pictures myself, I ended up with over 1500 images. It was quite a task to sort through them all.

The artworks will be hanging in our studio at The Loft from July to September. You only have three months to enjoy them. It will result in mind-blowing, never-seen-before images! Guaranteed. So book your time slot in July, August, or September right away!

The art invites you to take photos with it, to playfully pose next to it, and to give your product photography a new dimension. This is a unique and temporary opportunity to indulge in this pop-up collab. In three months, the artworks will return to Annemieke's studio, with two pieces finding their way into my new interior. It's a shame for you, but absolutely fantastic for me.

Elevate your photography with Art-In-Return's art

Take your photography to the next level with these extraordinary artworks. They are displayed in four different corners of The Loft. Experiment with fashion photography let your model pose in various outfit in different settings. Use Art-In-Return as a background in product photos. Or use it as a prop for branding photography. Everyone will wonder where you got that incredibly cool masterpiece from. As you are accustomed to with us, we invite you to rearrange furniture and play with props to create a unique composition. In the next three months, you can create so much beauty here!

Book a time slot now
Are you unsure about which time slot you should book? I'd be happy to give you a personal tip. To enhance the 3D effect even more, bring your creative team in the morning. You'll enjoy direct sunlight that isn't too bright yet, but still clearly present. I guarantee it will create a magical effect in combination with the artworks. You've probably already noticed that in the photos I took.

I can tell you that everybody who enters The Loft is super enthusiastic. Even the studio manager couldn't say more than just 'woowwwwww...’.

Now, enjoy this temporary pop-up collab between two women-owned brands and experience how beautifully the worlds of Atelier Oost Amsterdam and Art-In-Return merge together. July until September it is. Book a time slot before it is too late. I can't wait to see you of your brand shine in this ever more beautiful studio! 

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