Sneak peek: The Playground

Photography by Lonneke Noordeloos

Inspired by the clouds in our daydreams - that was to be the feeling you experience when you first step into my new studio. The Playground is the ultimate invitation to play with endless possibilities, turning your wildest fantasies into reality. With The Playground, I wanted to recreate an iconic studio, but with a different vibe than The Loft. In this blog I give you a glimpse of this playground for creatives, brands and entrepreneurs.

The Playground is thé new photo studio in Amsterdam

During last Friday's opening drinks, invited guests were able to The Playground experienced for the first time, and what enthusiastic reactions there were. About the beautiful evening light that danced on the pink walls, the silver accessories that reflected and about the endless stairs that gave the effect as if you were walking around in a daydream. I felt so much pride, love and warmth because of all the reactions, but also because I saw the attendees enjoying The Playground so enthusiastically.

Some initial reactions from visitors....
'Wonderful, what a space, what a height. Great.'
'Here we can work two days in a row.'
'So big, so nice, and what beautiful furniture!'
'Wow, so many possibilities.'

In 272 square meters of surface area, you will be taken into an oasis of peach, lilac and pink. In subtle ways, you can let your senses be stimulated here, so that you constantly discover new photo spots. Play with the minimalist decor, in which I have created endless possibilities with my team. That way you and your creative team will always have a different canvas for shooting the most beautiful images. This also makes The Playground perfect for a campaign shoot or a look book. Because of the serene setting, photographs bring a sense of calm, and at the same time you can make the viewer curious and surprised by the varied stand construction.

With The Playground, I really wanted to bring something new. Think of the summery, ultimate relaxing atmospheres you experience during a holiday in Miami. But photo studio proof! To emphasize this feeling I chose a palm tree as key piece. In combination with the soft colors from the décor, this gives a Miami minimalistic experience.
Magical stairs
If you know me even a little bit, you know that I love stairs. After all, stairs add dimension and depth to a photo, and you can play with them endlessly. I designed four staircases, of which the double staircase is a real eye-catcher. You can use the sliding one to create different images all the time, or use the built-in stairs as a mysterious prop. Did you know that stairs are also great for a lingerie or boudoir shoot, for example? On a staircase your model can go wild with beautiful sitting and lying poses.

When you come to experience The Playground, you will immediately notice that we have magical light here. And combined with the color palette I used, you can count on unforgettable moments. The light comes in through both the walls and the roof through the window. Enjoy natural daylight at any time of day, or book one of the evening time slots for a soft, serene evening sun. Anything is possible, and you choose.

The Playground: event organizing in Amsterdam

I knew immediately that The Playground is so much more than a magic studio. And that's exactly why you can host events here. How about the launch of a new beauty product, for example? Or put your new brand on the map by organizing a press day or workshop. In addition, The Playground is the perfect event venue For hosting a company cocktail party. There is no more stylish way to usher in your Friday afternoon! With all the beauty coming to your guests, you are guaranteed a lot of online publication on social media. In fact, the guests are guaranteed to start shooting awesome images for all their channels.


The Playground photo studio rental

Now of course this blog is a sneak peek, and we don't want to give away all our secrets just yet. For that, you really need to go experience The Playground for yourself and hire. Provide an unforgettable photography experience and surprise with an end result that says "you". Think beautiful product photography, when you place your products among our playfully decorated corners. Or fashion photography, where your models pose among iconic booth structures in soft tones. This dreamy palette also ensures that lovers of both color and neutrals can find themselves at The Playground. Our unique design furniture and props from brands like Sabine Marcelis and Vitra also allow you to go wild as interior photographer. Did I mention that the possibilities are endless?
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