Look book Refined Department

Picture perfect fashion campaign complete with a photo and video look book

Client: Refined Department
Photographer: Isa Wiegers
Videographer: Wendy Danenberg

Art Director: Myrthe de Beer
Model: Lauren Visser
Make up:
Nova Maas

The coolest color contrasts and finest materials, combined with fantastic prints... The fall 2022 shoot of Refined Department was a huge success. The team worked on both photography and videography in The Loft to photograph the autumn/winter collection. Refined Department is known for its bold pieces with colors, prints, and daring fashion items. The items look fantastic in our light, open daylight studio; The Loft. We have now received the beautiful photos and video and are happy to share them with you. We take you through the look book of Refined Department. Because we love to inspire you.

Flash photography with fantastic settings

The Refined Department team used the entire day for flash photography. Although Atelier Oost Amsterdam is a daylight studio with beautiful natural light, you can also choose a different style of photography. Our spaces are big enough to bring your own accessories or work with lamps and tripods. The possibilities are endless!

By alternating the setting throughout the day, various corners are created. Almost every place in The Loft was used by Refined Department. The permanent model shines in the images. If you want to give your fashion shoot to have more "life", adding a model is a perfect choice. There is enough space in all our studios to prepare the model and give touchups to makeup. Large mirrors, a clothing steamer and a clothes rack will not be missing.

The most beautiful looks in the most beautiful surroundings. This is what completes the image.

Complete fashion campaign with high-quality photography and videography

In addition to fantastic photography, Refined Department also worked on a video. You can watch the beautiful campaign video below. The combination of campaign photos and video next to each other takes the brand to a higher level. That's what you want when you invest in a shoot; you do it well and think of all the aspects. Photo, video, styling, makeup... In Atelier Oost Amsterdam, everything is possible.

Naast de hoogwaardige meubelen in The Loft, heeft het team de diverse hoekjes volledig benut door creatief aan de slag te gaan. Laat je creativiteit de vrije loop en verplaats onze eigen meubelen door de gehele ruimte. Bijvoorbeeld onder de trap, of achter het houten kamerscherm of juist bij de boogwand. Creëer nog nooit eerder vertoonde beelden met eigen accessoires en meubelen, perfect voor dat ene, bijzondere beeld.

Variety and unity

The Loft, where the Refined Department team was guests last year, has an enormous amount of space. The largest space under the wings of Atelier Oost Amsterdam has various corners and is furnished with high-end designer furniture. The team photographed various clothing items with challenging prints, daring colors, and beautiful statement pieces. Because The Loft is a light space, the colors of the Refined Department collection look fantastic in The Loft.

By capturing the entire collection in the same studio you create unity. By working on both photography and videography, you bring variety to the image gallery being established. Our daylight studios are spacious and light, allowing you to move freely in the space with larger productions. The possibilities and various corners are endless, making the Refined Department campaign very versatile.

Various colorful outfits that you want to add to your wardrobe immediately

Where else can I view the results?

The fashion photos of Refined Department are currently being used on various media, such as the website, Instagram, and in campaigns. Also, be sure to check out our other look books from previous clients and let yourself be inspired.

Are you already inspired and can't wait to get started with your campaign at Atelier Oost Amsterdam? Book your shoot now.

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