Favorite fashion photographers

For every professional spring/summer and autumn/winter collection, it's time to get started organizing a campaign shoot. Not to be missed: a talented fashion photographer. Just like a model, stylist or make-up artist, having the best creative team on your side is one of the most important facets of a successful shoot. Just like a beautiful daylight studio of course... In this blog we would like to introduce our favorite fashion photographers. The photographers have been in our studios several times. They know the spaces well. Feel inspired and check out their portfolio!

a great shoot is adding context to the fashion photos in our studio for that next level feeling

Lisa van Dam

Lisa van Dam is a fashion photographer that we are extremely enthusiastic about. Lisa is a fantastic artist who pushes the boundaries of the fashion industry with her photography. Her work is unique, creative, and stunning. With her unparalleled skills and artistic vision, Lisa has developed a completely distinct style that makes her work so surprising and innovative.

What makes Lisa's work so exceptional is her ability to always find the perfect angle to photograph her models. She knows better than anyone how to showcase clothing in the best way possible on camera. Lisa often uses minimalist backgrounds and fine compositions. Additionally, Lisa has an eye for detail and always knows how to convey the right emotions with her work. Her images often have a dreamy and romantic character that captivates the viewer.

In short, Lisa van Dam is a fantastic fashion photographer who is turning the fashion industry on its head with her unique style and technical skills.

Fashion photo by Lisa van Dam for F/W collection of Simple The Brand at The Loft studio
Studio: The Loft Photo credits: Lisa van Dam
Fashion photography by Lisa van Dam for PAVO coutures lingerie in The Living Room studio
Studio: The Living Room Photo credits: Lisa van Dam

Esmée Franken

With an incredible amount of experience, Esmée is one of our favorite fashion and editorial photographers. Time and time again she surprises everyone with the most beautiful images. Esmée has photographed many FLAIR productions at the studio, even cover shoots.

Esmee Franken is one of our favorite fashion photographers
Studio:The Bedroom Photo credits: Esmee Franken

Isabelle Bucx

Isabelle Bucx is a fashion photographer from Amsterdam with a beautiful edgy style. Her work is characterized by creative angles, innovative perspectives and storytelling images. The image below was shot for popular and famous hat brand Old Habits Die Hard.

Fashion photography with Isabelle Bucx at Atelier Oost Amsterdam
Studio: The Loft Photo credits: Isabelle Bucx

Isa Wiegers

As a photographer for Refined Department, Isa has already worked on the campaign in The Loft. You can see the beautiful results of this shoot here. Isa is the top choice you need for your next fashion shoot if you're looking for unique images! She photographs fashion brands both analog and with a digital camera. 

fashion photo shoot location inspiration by Isa Wiegers for Refined Department
Studio: The Loft Photo credits: Isa Wiegers
fashion photography inspiration by Isa Wiegers for Refined Department
Studio: The Loft Photo credits: Isa Wiegers

Sophie Smulders

The passionate Sophie has already been welcomed several times in The Living Room and The Loft. Sophie likes to work with various models to photograph them at their most beautiful, so that the clothing is beautifully displayed. Together with the Maison365 team, Sophie has already worked with stylist Mandy to set up an innovative concept.

Fashion photography inspiration by Maison 365
Studio:The Living Room Photo credits: Sophie Smulders

Mandy Wouterse

With a creative eye for high-quality photography, Mandy is more than happy to work for your brand. As a fashion and product photographer, Mandy knows how to create a beautiful whole between functional and atmosphere images for your brand. She already photographed for House of Gravity in The Loft last year.

Fashion photography with model, footage by House of Gravity
Studio: The Loft Photo credits: Mandy Wouterse

Stephanie Verhart

The Dutch fashion and beauty photographer Stephanie Verhart has been in our studio several times to photograph beautiful models for the fashion brand Savara Intimates. Her images are always sunny, minimalist, warm and stylish. We are fans! 

Fashion photography Stephanie Verhart boudoir with lingerie of Savara Intimates at The Living Room studio
Studio: The Living Room Photo credits: Stephanie Verhart

Complete your creative team

Have you found the perfect photographer but are still looking for a fantastic stylist and make-up artist? Check out our blog about fashion stylists or find a professional MUA.

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