3 ideas for product photos

Producten fotograferen is niet heel lastig. Het gaat om het totaalplaatje. Een productfoto waar mensen echt op ‘aan’ gaan, straalt iets uit. Vaak wordt er dan gebruik gemaakt van een setting. Een styling waarin het product de hoofdrol speelt. Gepositioneerd op een locatie waar jouw ideale klant zich helemaal in herkent. Dit is ook een reden waarom de studio’s van Atelier Oost Amsterdam bestaan: context geven aan het beeld. Of het nou voor modefotografie, campagne fotografie of product photography. It's all possible here. In this blog, founder and product photographer Roos Oosterbroek gives 3 tips for upgrading your product photos by using our studio.

Let your creativity run wild and style products in a minimalistic environment.

Product photography inspiration for Laura Pasquino in The Loft studio
Studio: The Loft
Photo credits: Roos Oosterbroek
Product photography for Ogreen plants on stairs by productphotographer Roos Oosterbroek in The Loft photo studio
Studio: The Loft
Photo credits: Roos Oosterbroek

1. Use the most beautiful props

When you start with product photography, atmosphere is incredibly important. In all daylight studios of Atelier Oost Amsterdam you will find various props, such as vases and crystals to beautifully present your small products. Go for a unique and never-before-seen image; with the endless possibilities and accessories in our spaces, your image library will always remain innovative. 

We would like to inspire you by showing various examples:

Productphoto by The Urbanista for inspiration for product photography in our daylight studio
Studio: The Living Room Photo credits: Urbanista

2. Alternate close-ups with overview photos

Give the product the attention it deserves. Nothing is as pleasant for your potential customer as seeing your product in a living environment. When photographing products, don't forget to shoot wider images. This gives more context to your shoot and product. You will notice that atmosphere photography can be very enhancing. After close-up images, also shoot overview photos for more context. Alternating with horizontal images for, for example, banners and vertical images for social media.

Our daylight studios are large, open spaces with enough room to move around. So you can photograph your product both close up and from a distance. 

TOPTIP: Also use peeks for interesting images. For example, through the mirror, along the wooden room divider or through the arch walls.  

Use the different furniture for unique settings.

When you are ready to create depth in the setting and are looking for high-quality furniture to enhance your images, you have come to the right place at Atelier Oost Amsterdam. Because our founder Roos Oosterbroek, an interior and product photographer, has made the right choices in this, the daylight studios are perfectly furnished. So you can work with peace of mind in a space designed by someone with a clear vision. Use the design furniture or shift all items. Indulge in the minimalist, light and serene atmosphere.

Photo for LAB Paint by photographer Roos Oosterbroek
Studio: The Loft
Photo credits: Roos Oosterbroek
Product photoshoot en set styling inspiration for House of Formlab
Studio:The Loft
Photo credits: Roos Oosterbroek

3. Add models for the perfect balance

The story of a product only really comes across when you add models to your shoot. A human touch is so important. Build a connection with your target audience by working with the same models in every shoot. This also creates recognition and consistency.

Within the studios of Atelier Oost Amsterdam, there is enough space to prepare the models for the shoot. So they, along with your product, will look tip-top for the shoot!

Share product photos on all online channels and make your customers eager.

product photography studio inspiration by Heidi Git for VLUV in The Bedroom
Studio: The Bedroom
Photo credits:
Heidi Gita
Footage by product photographer Roos Oosterbroek for Studio Yellow Block in The Loft studio
Studio: The Loft
Photo credits: Roos Oosterbroek

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