Look book The Urbanista

A beautiful jewelry shoot with variety and serenity

Client: The Urbanista

The most stylish jewellery, the most beautiful models and unique compositions... The shoots by The Urbanista in the Living Room were breathtaking every single time. The creativity the team adds to product photography is unprecedented and innovative. The team worked on both product photography and working with models. This has been an excellent choice, in our opinion. Meanwhile, we have received the beautiful photos and we are more than happy to share them with you. We will take you through the look book of The Urbanista. Because we want to inspire you.

A unique way of using props and accessories during a shoot.

The Urbanista team got to be super creative with various props and accessories available in our studio. Because jewelry is a small product, it can be difficult to photograph it in a setting. But these creatives thought otherwise. Bracelets around vases, rings in glasses and beautiful settings with books, natural branches and soft cloths.

By changing the setting during the day, various corners could be created. Almost every place in The Living Room has been used in the images of The Urbanista. Their model shines on screen. When you need your product shoot to have more "life", adding a model is a perfect choice. There is enough space in all our studios to prepare the model and give touchups to makeup. Large mirrors, a clothing steamer and a clothes rack will not be missing.

A high quality fashion shoot is perfect to gain extra sales online

Shoot complete campaigns with high-quality product photography

When you book our spaces, we always encourage you to bring your own items and props to the space. You can also creatively use all the items that are present. Move the furniture, play with props and get the job done. This makes the setting innovative, creative, and personal. In the photo serie of The Urbanista campaign various items from the available props collection are seen. These items enhance the product and atmosphere photography.

Naast de hoogwaardige meubelen en accessoires in The Living Room, heeft het team de diverse hoekjes volledig benut door creatief aan de slag te gaan. Door de muren met prachtige kleuren kalkverf krijgen de gemaakte beelden extra diepte. Door de gehele collectie in dezelfde studio te laten vastleggen, creëer je eenheid. Onze daglicht studio’s zijn ruim en licht, waardoor je met grotere producties alle ruimte hebben om te kunnen bewegen in de ruimte.


Where else can I view the results?

The beautiful product imagery by The Urbanista are currently being used on various media, such as the website, Instagram and in campaigns. Be sure to check out other look books to inspire you.

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