Look book studio Femme Home

Beautiful sunlight, high-quality products, and a fantastic overall beige hue... That's what we think of when we look back at the Studio Femme Home shoot. The team of photographers, stylists, and owners were warmly welcomed in August 2022 at The Loft. We have since been able to enjoy the beautiful images and showcase them here. We take you through the Studio Femme Home look book. Because we want to inspire you with the most beautiful interior photos.

Client: Studio Femme Home
Photographer: Mylene Timessen

Variety with detail photography and an overview shot

During the fantastic and sunny day, the team of Studio Femme Home has been working on both product photography and overview shots throughout the studio. Because The Loft is a large, open space of 125 m2, you and your team have plenty of room to move around and build different settings.

The Studio Femme Home team made perfect use of natural daylight. The fantastic and large windows of The Loft let every ray of sun fall on the brand's products. It provides that extra special touch to the end result - which we find really beautiful.

When you want to give your campaign shoot more depth, the alternation of close-up and wider shots is a must. In our spaces, there is enough room to work with a large team. It's up to you to make choices whether you use natural light or flash light.

A complete look book: stylish settings and the coolest founders.

Complete style studio with your own items

When you book our studios, we always invite you to bring your own items. This gives extra context to the shoot and showcases your brand so much better. This makes the setting innovative, creative and unique. Never seen before. During the photo shoot of the Studio Femme Home campaign, the team created a beautiful combination; the use of their own items and the design products and furniture that can be found at Atelier Oost Amsterdam. By taking beautiful shots with the founders of the brand and adding the image gallery, the campaign is complete. At Atelier Oost Amsterdam, everything is possible. Add a touch of personal branding, to make it more personal and it fits perfectly with the rest of the images.

Variety and unity

Let your creativity run wild and move our own furniture around the entire space. For example, under the staircase, behind the wooden room divider or just by the arch wall. Create images never seen before with your own accessories and furniture, perfect for that one special image. The Loft, where the team of Studio Femme Home was a guest last year, has an incredible amount of space and is currently our largest daylight studio. The team photographed various interior items and high-quality accessories.

The neutral colors and soft materials come to life beautifully in The Loft. Our daylight studios are spacious and light, so you have plenty of room to move around in the space with larger productions. The possibilities and diverse angles are endless, making the Studio Femme Home campaign very versatile.

A picture that you immediately want to copy / paste into your own space.

Where else can I view the results?

The images of Studio Femme Home are currently being used on various media, such as the website and Instagram page. Definitely also check out our other look books from previous customers and get inspired. Are you already inspired and can't wait to shoot at Atelier Oost Amsterdam? Book your shoot now.

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