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Photo credits header: Maureen Brinkhof

At Atelier Oost Amsterdam we understand like no other the importance of good product photographers, and how important it is to present your products as inspiring and attractive as possible. Whether you own a webshop with interior accessories, beauty products or books: professional product photos are key to attracting potential customers. With great product photography, you tell the story behind your business and create an unforgettable brand experience. The right product photos will entice customers to make a purchase, and also provide inspiration for using your product.

Entice and inspire with the finest images from product photographers

In this blog, I share my favorite product photographers, who manage to inspire me time and again with their extraordinary images. The photographers in this blog post show how much variety you can put into product photography., and how to surprise again and again. These product photographers know the daylight studios of Atelier Oost Amsterdam like the back of their hand. This means you don't have to search for the best spots yourself and the work is actually done for you.

Minimalist product photography by Maureen Brinkhof

Maureen Brinkhof is your go-to person for the most beautiful concept design and photography. This visual storyteller prefers to work with brands that have a sustainable and conscious vision. On her website you will not only find an impressive portfolio with brands like Therme and several, beautiful tiny houses. You can also work with Maureen's self-developed pre-set and she photographs beautiful interior views. Here you can enjoy a peek into the interior of a living addict.

When you book a personal product photo shoot with Maureen, you can be sure that she will surprise your client in a strategic as well as creative way. Maureen believes in cooperation, so she takes you through the entire process. She always goes for fresh, minimalistic photos with an accessible atmosphere. In a subtle way she knows how to make a difference, so that the client still recognizes your brand.

Studio:The Loft Photo credits: Maureen Brinkhof

Natural product photos with organic elements by By Zilla

Zilla van den Born also really had to be included in this list. With her company By Zilla, she focuses on different types of photography, with each image conveying a unique story. At a glance at her product portfolio, you immediately see that high-quality beauty products are her specialty, with brands such as Abloom, Caudalie, Nuxe and Bio-Oil. Photographs by Zilla have a natural look and you can see many organic elements in the image. She also likes to use an earthy color palette and anything found in nature. From beautiful leaves to water and the beach.
Studio:The Loft Photo credits: By Zilla
Studio:The Loft Photo credits: By Zilla

As a product photographer, I, Roos Oosterbroek, am always looking for the very best light

You probably know me, Roos Oosterbroek, as founder of photo studio Atelier Oost Amsterdam. But did you know that photography is also a huge passion of mine? And as a true interior addict, I love to photograph beautiful interior design brands. With my photos I am always looking for innovative and special images, and I like to work with natural light. As an owner, I know my studios like no other, and I know how to find the best spots to accentuate your products. My strength lies in telling stories in minimalistic, serene settings. I have already had the opportunity to do this for the latest campaign of LAB Paint, in which I was allowed to shoot a series of beautiful paint colors.

In addition to my work for LAB Paint, I have captured a wealth of other brands. For example, Ogreen and House of Formlab products have already appeared in front of my lens. I am very happy to work with you when you are looking for a product photographer who uses a space as her canvas. On this canvas I lovingly tell the story of your brand, with a minimalistic image in which I want to touch the feeling of the viewer.
Studio: The Loft Photo credits: Roos Oosterbroek

Product photographer Heidi Gita shoots dreamy and personal images

Photographer Heidi Gita describes herself as an emotional storyteller, and we couldn't agree more. While Heidi mainly focuses on shooting families, pregnancy and newborns, you can also book her as a product photographer. If you have a fashion brand or a children's clothing brand and would like dreamy campaign images, then Heidi is perfect for you. Heidi is also a star at shooting business images that exude an air of accessibility.

For VLUV, a beautifully designed sitball that supports ergonomic working, Heidi was allowed to take on the photography. Displaying the seating balls in different places in The Loft creates a calm, serene image where the focus is really on the product. It also allows a client to immediately see how this product stylishly fits into a home.
product fotografie op stoel door Heidi Gita voor VLUV in The Bedroom
Studio: The Loft Photo credits: Heidi Gita

Have your collection shot by product photographers in a minimalist environment

Have you been inspired, and booked one of the above product photographers? Then book your time slot in The Loft or The Playground at Atelier Oost Amsterdam now. Because of the wide opening hours there is always a suitable time slot for you, because in these studios you can enjoy the most beautiful light at any time of the day.
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