Top 9 branding photographers

Quality photography, varied images and working with a real professional: we are happy to share our 9 favorite personal branding photographers with you. As an entrepreneur, you can no longer ignore it: online visibility. This can apply to various media, such as Instagram, a website, and maybe even online training. Having and using beautiful images that align with your mission is a real must-have. The photographers in this blog come to us regularly along with their clients. They know every studio trough and trough. Find the branding photographer that suits you.


Lonneke Noordeloos

Lonneke Noordeloos has been coming to Atelier Oost Amsterdam with her clients since day one. She has photographed in all of our spaces. Every time she has captured unique and beautiful results. Lonneke's style is known for being natural and relaxing. She likes to photograph you in a way that truly reflects who you are. With her creative perspective on female entrepreneurs and beautiful, natural brands, her images are always refreshing.

Personal branding photography in The Loft photo studio by Lonneke Noordeloos
Studio: The Loft Photo credits: Lonneke Noordeloos
Personal branding photography inspiration in The Living Room by Lonneke Noordeloos
Studio:The Living Room Photo credits: Lonneke Noordeloos

Alina Krasieva

Alina photographed the entire team and our campaign model Elize Been in The Loft last year. She has since worked for several clients personal branding photoshoot gefotografeerd. Ze staat bekend om het gebruik van de leukste Nederlandse woordjes gedurende haar shoots, wat je direct heel comfortabel met haar maakt. Haar stijl neigt naar hoogwaardige fashion fotografie met een prachtige edit. Haar foto’s zijn keer op keer prachtig en uniek.

Alina Krasieva is one of our favorite personal branding photographers
Studio: The Loft Photo credits: Alina Krasieva

Yaira of Studio Phylicia

Yaira is one of our returning customers. She knows Atelier Oost Amsterdam very well. Her favorite studio is The Loft: "The moment I entered I was amazed by the look and feel of the venue. The furniture is really high quality and gives the photos a next level feel.

Yaira puts you completely at ease during your shoot and likes to go 'all-out': make-up, styling and a clear plan! So that you don't have to think about anything during the shoot.

Studio Phylicia for Carla in The Living Room with Personal Branding photography
Studio: The Living Room Photo credits: Studio Phylicia

Quality first by working with a professional photographer

Nicole den Harder

We have regularly welcomed Nicole to The Loft. She photographs her customers beautifully, in a lifestyle way. Time and time again. Nicole knows how to capture every customer in a different way.

Her opinion about Atelier Oost Amsterdam: "Booked The Loft 3 times now. Beautiful shoot location. This room is very suitable for daylight photographers (personal branding). High quality materials and furnishings and very tastefully decorated.

Studio: The Loft Photo credits: Nicole den Harder

Atelier Mabel

Atelier Mabel creates unique visual experiences. A powerful platform for female entrepreneurs. She works with brands that not only want to show themselves, but also their vision.

Mabel has captured various entrepreneurs in a unique way at Atelier Oost Amsterdam. Mabel knows the studios through and through. Her images of various customers are always a pleasure to watch! 

Personal branding photography inspiration by Mabel van den Top
Studio:The Living Room Photo credits: Atelier Mabel


Pauline van der Gulik

With her unique method 'intentional photography', Pauline will search for the authentic version of yourself with you. Every woman is unique and Pauline beautifully captures you, woman, who you really are. Getting closer to yourself and expressing this during a photography session.

Personal branding photoshoot portrait by Pauline van der Gulik
Studio: The Living Room Photo credits: Pauline van der Gulik
personal branding photography inspiration by Pauline van der Gulik
Studio:The Living Room Photo credits: Pauline van der Gulik

Kim Captein

Photographer Kim Captein is passionate about capturing stories and people. Her style is fairy-tale like and yet masculine. Her package is divers and she photographs both dream weddings and strong female entrepreneurs. Kim knows how to use spaces in a stunning way. She uses innovative perspectives for a successful photo shoot.

Entrepreneurs personal branding photography inspiration by Kim Captein
Studio: The Loft Photo credits: Kim Captein

Mandy Brander

As one of our favorite photographers we are pleased to welcome photographer Mandy Brander to our studios on a regular basis. Together with her clients she enjoys the natural daylight in our spaces. She knows how to capture entrepreneurs in a refreshing way on film. Mandy has a nice and calm work approach with a creative eye.

Personal branding photoshoot inspiration by Mandy Brander in The Loft
Studio:The Loft Photo credits: Mandy Brander

Atelier Shai

We have regularly been pleased to welcome Indy from Atelier Shai. The young, ambitious, and talented personal branding photographer often comes to Amsterdam to capture the most powerful women in an elegant and next-level way. Light, feminine, and serene are words that characterize her style. This is what Indy had to say about her visit to Atelier Oost Amsterdam:

3 x wow, wow, wow for 3 stunning studios. As a (personal branding) photographer is it's truly a gift to be able to photograph at Atelier Oost Amsterdam. The light, the decor, the lovely hosts, the fragrance; everything is just right. My creativity really comes to life in this place.

Personal branding photography by photographer Atelier Shai in The Loft
Studio: The Loft Photo credits: Atelier Shai
visionboard photography inspiration by Atelier Shai
Studio:The Living Room Photo credits: Atelier Shai

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