Tips: taking product photos in our studio

Photo credits header: The Urbanista

In the world of e-commerce, visual appeal is crucial. This is where product photos are key to attracting both existing and new customers to sell. Whether your business sells products in the home, beauty or fashion world, creating enticing and professional product photos is an absolute must. In this blog, we share some expert tips to help you create product photos that present your products in the best light and attract and retain customers.

Important when taking product photos: invest in the right equipment

Preparing for your photo shoot all starts with the right equipment. If you're serious about taking stunning product photos, consider investing in a good camera, tripod and lighting. A camera from the likes of Nikon or Canon usually offers more control over settings, but modern smartphones can also deliver great results. A stable tripod minimizes vibrations, while professional lighting minimizes shadows and shows your products in detail. If you don't feel up to photographing yourself, we have a blog here detailing the best photographers for your products.

product photography studio inspiration by Heidi Git for VLUV in The Bedroom
Studio:The Loft Photo credits: Heidi Gita
Product fotografie door Studio Phylicia in The Loft fotostudio
Studio:The Loft Photo credits: Studio Phylicia
Always choose a suitable background
A professional look starts with a clean, consistent background. For product photos, you can choose a plain white or just black background, but depending on your product and brand, you can also choose other colors or textures. Photographic backgrounds, such as seamless paper rolls, are a great option for a clean look. At The Playground, these are available!

Optimize exposure
Good lighting is obviously the key to successful product photos. Try to use natural light whenever possible. Place your products close to a window for soft, diffused light. If you're working indoors, consider using softboxes or studio lights to reduce shadows and expose your products evenly. When you choose a photo studio like The Loft or The Playground, you basically have nothing to worry about. In both studios insane natural light comes in all day long. Even with the start of autumn, you can perfectly take product photos in the morning and during the day in our versatile spaces. The high ceilings and large windows give you beautiful light even on a rainy day.
Roos Oosterbroek as art director for the LAB Paint brand in The Loft photo studio
Studio:The Loft Photo credits: Roos Oosterbroek
Studio:The Loft Photo credits: ByZilla

Getting the right perspective when taking product photos

Studio:The Loft Photo credits: IamMaureen

Experiment with different corners and perspectives to find the best display of your products. For interior design brands, you can consider overhead shots to show the layout. With beauty products such as makeup or skincare, I recommend focusing on close-ups to highlight details. Above all, make the most of the space you have. In the photostudios of Atelier Oost Amsterdam, such as The Living Room, is for example a wide range of three-dimensional stairs on which you can display your products. Playfully lay belts over a sofa or use our mirrored objects for cool light reflections.

Studio:The Loft Photo credits: Airscent
Edit with care
After you've taken your photos, it's time to edit them. If you've hired a photographer, they will, of course, take care of the post-processing. Still going to do it yourself? Use photo editing software such as Adobe Photoshop or Lightroom to correct colors, adjust exposure and retouch imperfections. But be careful; excessive editing can make your products look unnatural.

For a professional look, consistency is crucial. Make sure all your product photos have the same style, lighting and background. This helps customers get a cohesive image of your brand and recognize your brand: this evokes trustworthiness.

Testing and improving for best results in product photography

Last but not least, keep experimenting and improving. Test different techniques and adjust your approach if necessary based on customer feedback. Monitor the performance of your product photos on social media, for example, and keep learning and growing to maximize conversions.
Taking impressive product photos yourself takes practice and dedication, but with the right knowledge, photo studio and equipment, you can soon put your products in the spotlight. Follow our expert tips and watch your product photos grow in quality and appeal. Good luck taking breathtaking product photos and don't forget to tag us on social media. We love it!
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