The Living Room renovation

Sometimes it's time for a fresh start and a new perspective. That's exactly what our founder did in the spring of 2022. The Living Room was transformed into a daylight studio with a completely renewed style after over 1.5 years. We said goodbye to the wooden accents and made the space bolder and more contrasting with black accents.

We would like to take you on the transformation of The Livingroom

Since the start The Living Room has been our first space. Here it all started. We found a suitable space in an old school building. To say the least, the space was not a gem. Roos Oosterbroek gave the 70 square meters a new chance. 


That's how we found the space after signing the rental contract.

Roos Oosterbroek renovating The Living Room photo studio of Atelier Oost Amsterdam
Impression before the renovation of The Living Room studio

After five weeks of renovating

A promising studio space for Roos herself, as a photographer. And because she wouldn't be working there every day, she could also rent the studio to other photographers. Double win. That plan opened its doors in February 2021. And the rest is history.

This is how The Living Room looked after the first renovation period in February 2021:

The cozy sitting area in the first photo studio of Atelier Oost Amsterdam in 2021
The new dining area in the renovated living room of Atelier Oost Amsterdam

We would like to inspire you with the before / after shots of The Living Room renovation.

To create a unique twist and bold choice in the space, we went for a completely black wall. By placing an attractive and contrasting piece of furniture in front of this wall, you attract attention and every photo is renewed. Because The Living Room is a large open space of 70 square meters, you have enough space to move around and set up various settings together with your team.

If you find the black wall too dark and daring, you can still enjoy yourself in The Living Room. With the movable curtains, it is possible to opt for a slightly safer option. You will only find the color black in accessories and chairs, giving you plenty of freedom and choice from neutral settings.

This renewed daylight studio opened in April 2022.

The Living Room photostudio most beautiful corner of this shoot location in Amsterdam
Studio: The Living Room
The Living Room photo studio in Amsterdam with Ekstrem chair
Studio: The Living Room

Beautiful design furniture and neutral tones for a serene and luxurious feel

The furniture and accessories in The Living Room are selected for an important reason. Our choices are simple: we go for quality, beautiful material and unique items. Items that you don't have at home. And if you do: compliments for your incredible good taste.

The choices are based on the fact that during your shoot you will feel completely at ease in a light, natural and serene space. In a minimalist place where Pinterest has come to life. Different from the norm but still accessible.

The beautiful chalk paint colors with textures on the walls give more depth to the image. Play with the arch walls and move all the furniture around. This makes the setting renewed, creative and unique. By using the space for wider shots and detail and atmosphere images, you experience as a viewer the material and the feeling that we have brought into the space.

When are you ready to let your creativity run wild in The Living Room?

Atelier Oost Amsterdam photo studio and shoot location
Studio: The Living Room

Huge plant to add to your composition

Laat je creativiteit de vrije loop en verplaats onze grote planten gemakkelijk door de wieltjes onder de potten. Neem jouw eigen meubelen mee of maak gebruik van onze hoogwaardige designmeubelen. Maak unieke doorkijkjes met onze boogwanden; perfect voor dat ene, bijzondere beeld. The Living Room, waar het team van Atelier Oost Amsterdam het afgelopen jaar keihard heeft geklust aan de meest trendy restyling tot nu toe.

The neutral colors and soft materials look great in The Living Room. Our daylight studios are spacious and bright, allowing you to have plenty of room to move around for larger productions. The possibilities and diverse corners are endless and you can shoot unique perspectives with both the arch walls and plants.

The Living Room photo studio neutral photoshoot location in Amsterdam
Studio: The Living Room
The Living Room photostudio in Amsterdam with HKLiving Slattered bench
Studio: The Living Room

A Pinterest worthy interior to copy / paste into your home

Where else can I view the results?

The images of our latest renovation of The Living Room can be viewed exclusively via the Photostudio page and on our Instagram page.

Are you already inspired and can't wait to shoot at Atelier Oost Amsterdam ? Book your time slot now.

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