Lookbook: Robuust Amsterdam in The Loft

Photo credits: Robuust Amsterdam / photographer Ayla Maagdenberg

Interior lovers beware; Robuust Amsterdam recently joined us at The Loft to shoot the images for their beautiful lookbook. As you can expect from this Dutch company, the end result is very impressive. With the inspiring images they take you into their minimalist, stylish interior world and you immediately see the connection with The Loft. Both with a love for natural materials and colors, sustainability and exclusive designs: this could not be anything but a success.

Robust Amsterdam stands for design interiors where sustainability and aesthetics come together

Founders Job Althof and Niek Sanders brought their vision together: creating minimalist, timeless designs with organic shapes and circular materials. All products are made in collaboration with the best, local producers, with a keen eye on sustainability. The future-proof interior must-haves are therefore designed to last a lifetime.

The match with The Loft could hardly be better: Job and Niek want to evoke a sense of peace and calm with Robuust Amsterdam. You can do this by surrounding your home only with products you really need, preferring to invest in real essentials that last. The higher the quality of interior design, the longer you will enjoy it. The company is therefore concerned with sustainable packaging, maintenance, replaceable parts and recycling to extend the life of each product.

Studio:The Loft
Studio:The Loft

Inspiring design interior from Amsterdam

With a mission to create inspiring interiors that are not only aesthetically stunning but also embrace the principles of sustainability, Robust Amsterdam has emerged as a forerunner in the world of interior design. The brand draws inspiration from a combination of traditional and digital technology in their design and production process. In addition, Robuust Amsterdam collaborates with the best sustainable, energy self-sufficient producers from the Netherlands who favor the use of water and heat during the process. Collaborations the company is only too proud of.
Studio:The Loft
The Amsterdam-based brand's collection features a selection of bed frames, a mattress, various storage options and accessories such as mirrors and a coat rack. The bed frames are available in three different natural shades, so you can create the minimalist bedroom of your dreams. Your bed frame can then be customized with a headboard, drawers and even lighting and night shelves. For anyone who cannot choose a color, there is the option of ordering color samples online.

With the different types of Shelf and Cabinet, you can still choose stylish storage even in a smaller space. With minimalist wall-mounted storage options, you keep the floor free and automatically create more peace in your mind. Go for a Robust Amsterdam mirror with bold shapes and a simple design, made of high-end material. A real eye-catcher, but in an understated way.
Studio:The Loft

Shoot your interior brand at The Loft for a wealth of opportunities: from lookbook photography to social media content

Photographing their various products in The Loft reinforces Robuust Amsterdam's sustainable and minimalist philosophy. Like the interior design brand The Loft also exudes a sense of peace and calm, like a wave of relaxation after a busy work week. This is the oasis where you can find yourself for a while, free of stimuli. This creates all the peace in your mind to shoot the most beautiful images.
Studio:The Loft
The earthy color palette in The Loft is also a beautiful backdrop for Robust Amsterdam's lookbook. Working with this background creates a serene and consistently recognizable image for the client. You can do this too! Make use of all the playfully decorated corners in our photo studio, and shift the furniture and accessories for a unique end result. With next week's sunny weather, you can enjoy insane, natural light all day long: even later in the day. The organic shapes and natural materials from The Loft reinforce the look and feel of Robust Amsterdam: for timeless photography that stands up to every trend. Be inspired!
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