Look book Vandyck 2022

Picture perfect fashion campaign complete with a photo and video look book

Client: Vandyck Bedding
Photographer: James Stokes
Light: Kevin Krebbers

Stylist: Judith Dekker
Female model: Frederique Brons
Male model:
Tom Cornelisse

Soft materials, high-quality products and beautiful models… This is how you can summarize Vandyck's photoshoot in The Loft in the summer of 2022. The team with photographer, lightning expert, a stylist and models was warmly received in April, in The Loft. We have now been able to view the beautiful images and we highlight a selection here. We'll take you through the Vandyck look book. Because we love to inspire.

Capture campaign imagery with models

During the full day production Vandyck's team got to work with both product photography as photographing models. By scouting both a male and female model for the shoot gives an interesting perfective and story to the images. 

The models also give a special touch to the end result - which we love. When your campaign shoot to have more "life", adding a model is a perfect choice. There is enough space in all our studios to prepare the model and give touchups to makeup. Large mirrors, a clothing steamer and a clothes rack will not be missing.

Stylish settings and the most beautiful models

Complete style studio with your own items

When you book our spaces we always encourage you to add your own items and props to the space. In this way you make the setting innovative, creative and you completely own it. The photo series of Vandycks' campaign shows various items that the team brought with them. 

Besides the high quality furniture in The Loft, the team has made full use of the various corners by working very creative and efficient. Let your creativity run wild and move the furniture pieces throughout the space. For example under the stairs, or behind the wooden room divider or just near the arched wall. Create never-before-seen shots with your own accessories and home deco. Just perfect for that one, special image.

Variety and unity

The Loft, the studio where we've welcome the Vandyck team last year, offers a lot of space. It is therefore our largest daylight studio at the moment. The team photographed a variety of beautiful duvets and bathrobes. The soft colors, distinct prints and high-quality materials come into their own in The Loft. 

By shooting the entire collection in the same studio, you create unity. By working with both photography and videography, you bring variety to the imagery that is created. Our daylight studios are spacious and light. With larger productions you have plenty of room to move around in the room. The various corners make the possibilities limitless. The Vandyck campaign is now very versatile.

A picture that you immediately want to copy / paste in your own bedroom

Where else can I view the results?

The crispy campaign images by Vandyck are currently being used on various media, such as the website, Instagram and in brochures. Be sure to check out other look books from previous customers and get inspired.

Are you already inspired and can't wait to get started with your campaign at Atelier Oost Amsterdam? Book your shoot now.

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