Inspiration for your color palette photo shoot

In this blog we tell you all about the magic of color during your shoot. Did you know that by choosing the right colors you can convey your personality and story even better on images? In this blog, be inspired by the enchanting colors of the seasons to the psychology behind each shade, and discover which color palette suits you and your company. We would also like to give you some beautiful examples that were shot in the studios of Atelier Oost Amsterdam. Our spaces offer something for everyone in terms of color: whether you choose natural tones or dreamy pastel...

Seasonal inspiration for your color palette photo shoot

Let's start with the seasons. Nature gives us beautiful colors to work with, all year round. In spring you can think of fresh green, pastel pink and light blue for a lively and airy atmosphere. You can also see this atmosphere The Playground, where you imagine yourself in a daydream, surrounded by cloud like pastels. Summer brings fiery oranges, deep blue skies and sunny yellows. In autumn, warm earth tones and deep red-orange are your best friends. And winter? It shines with cool blue, shimmering white and rich burgundy red. So if you have no inspiration, you can always fall back on the seasons!

Studio:The Playground
Studio:The Playground Photo credits: Lonneke Noordeloos
The use of color psychology
Colors have the power to evoke emotions. So, where do you want your photos to lead? Yellow and orange give a feeling of warmth and happiness, perfect for a sunny, positive vibe. If you want a mysterious and elegant look, deep purple and burgundy shades are your choice. Green and blue bring peace and harmony. And it has also been proven that blue evokes a feeling of reliability: perfect for a business shoot, for example. Play with color psychology to create the right atmosphere for your photo shoot, but make it your own. You can do this, for example, by working with unique accessories in contrasting colors or metallics.

Photoshoot color palette: contrasts and complementary colors

Excitement in your photos can also be achieved by playing with contrasts and complementary colors. Think of a brightly colored outfit against a contrasting background, such as a red dress that stands out against the neutral decor in The Loft. Or choose complementary colors, such as blue and orange, to create a dynamic and vibrant photo. The colors will really pop off the screen!
Studio:The Loft
Studio:The Loft
Choose one main color Sometimes simplicity is the key. Choose one main color and let it dominate. For example, if you are planning a photo shoot with the theme “Blue”, you can incorporate all kinds of shades of blue into your setting and clothing. This creates a uniform and sleek look.
Studio:The Loft Photo credits: Beyoutiful Fotografie

Natural textures and colors
If you like a more organic style, consider using natural textures and colors. Think of natural fabrics such as cotton and silk, an earthy color palette and a soothing look. The ambiance in The Loft provides a serene appearance that can be great for portraits, but also for a maternity photo shoot.

Studio:The Loft Photo credits: Beyoutiful Fotografie

Mood boards and inspiration for the perfect color palette photo shoot

To bring your vision to life, I advise you to always create a mood board. This can be done online, for example on Pinterest, or offline. Collect images, color swatches and inspiration that match the color palette you have in mind. It will help you organize your ideas and plan your photo shoot down to the last detail. Let your creativity flow and experiment with different colors and textures. Whether you photograph in nature or in the studio: a cleverly chosen color palette can really make your photos shine. Happy shooting!
fashion photo shoot location inspiration by Isa Wiegers for Refined Department
Studio:The Loft Photo credits: Isa Wiegers
Fashion photographer Lisa van Dam for F/W collection of Simple The Brand at The Loft studio
Studio:The Loft Photo credits: Lisa van Dam
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