How to organise a successful beauty photo shoot

Photo credits header: Margriet Fotografie

Whether you want to (have) sophisticated product photos taken, shoot a make-up tutorial reels or do the make-up for a campaign shoot. In this blog, we will tell you all about a successful beauty shoot at our studio and, of course, inspire you with beautiful images. That way, after reading this blog, you can get started right away!

A successful beauty photo shoot: everything you need to know

We'll assume for the sake of convenience that you own a brand. Maybe you sell beautiful make-up or you are a distributor of beautiful brands from abroad. You would like to organise a catchy campaign shoot resulting in professional images for your social media accounts, website and marketing materials. Before you start planning your shoot, it is hugely important to have a clear concept in mind.

What do you want to achieve with your photos and videos? Do you want to present your products in a stylish way? Do you want to make a combination of your products applied to a model and standing alone in a room? When working with a model, think about what look you want to go for. Are you going for glamorous, avant-garde or clean, natural make-up? Take your time to develop your vision and, if necessary, create a mood board for inspiration. Based on this, choose your team. We have written useful blogs with the best professionals: for example, check out our blog with make-up artists we recommend.

Studio:The Loft Photo credits: Margriet Fotografie
Studio:The Loft Photo credits: Margriet Fotografie

Putting together the team for your make-up shoot

A successful beauty photo shoot hinges on a good team. Make sure you hire an experienced make-up artist and hair stylist who are familiar with the type of shoots you have in mind. They can bring your vision to life and make sure the models look their best in front of the camera. If you are taking product photos, an experienced product photographer and possibly a stylist can help present the products in an attractive way.

Once the concept has been established and the team assembled, it is time to prepare everything. This includes arranging the location, planning the outfits and accessories, and gathering all the necessary equipment. Make sure you take enough time to prepare so that everything runs smoothly on the day of the photo shoot.
Studio:The Loft Photo credits: Alina Krasieva
Studio:The Loft Photo credits: IamMaureen
As for the location, of course we have a good tip for you: try our daylight studios The Loft and The Playground. Both perfectly located in Amsterdam, and therefore easily accessible for your entire team. Thanks to the large windows and high ceilings, you are always guaranteed the perfect, natural light for your make-up shoot. And that is of course extra important for this type of shoot! We have equipped our rooms with large tables where your model can sit for the perfect application of make-up.
Ontdek onze favoriete make-up artiesten Lauren Duk
Studio:The Loft Photo credits: Alina Krasieva
That's not all, as the possibilities are endless. For example, The Playground features a separate make-up area. Both locations are lovingly and carefully styled with the finest, minimalist designer brands so you can shift and experiment as you please: perfect for taking slick product photos. Booking our studios is a real no brainer: you no longer have to think about a location that offers everything, so you can go and have a relaxed and fully catered shoot.

Getting started with make-up and hair in beauty photography

Make-up and hair styling play a crucial role in beauty photography. For model photos, it is important to choose a make-up look that fits the concept of the shoot and accentuates the model's natural beauty. Communicate clearly with your make-up artist and hair stylist to ensure they understand what you want to achieve with the look.

On the day of the photo shoot, it's time to get everything together and get to work! Make sure you take enough time for each look and allow enough breaks for the model and the team. Communicate clearly with the model and give directions if needed to achieve the desired result. Don't forget to have fun during the shoot too - a relaxed atmosphere will result in better photos!

Tips & tricks from MUA Ruveysa

Make-up artist Ruveysa Sahin has had experience with The Loft herself and found working here incredibly enjoyable. She is happy to give you some more tips to make your shoot a great success. She explains: 'When booking an MUA, I recommend really double-checking whether your style matches his or her. Always look carefully at the portfolio, website and any social media channels beforehand for a complete picture. Are you going to do the make-up yourself or are you a novice MUA? Then make sure that you put on your make-up extra well in studio light because make-up often disappears in photos when doing so'.

'Will flash photography be used during the shoot? Then powder your model extra well to prevent reflection from the shiny parts of the face. After all, this does not look glowy, but more like you are perspiring. Not what we want! Make-up in daylight, as in Atelier Oost Amsterdam's studios, can be applied as naturally as possible'.

Should you only focus on beauty product photos, we also have some expert tips. Check out these blog about product photographyand you will soon know how to make the best use of a space so that your products will stand out. To help you get started, we would like to give you a few pointers. Lighting is key, so first make sure you have a well-lit space with as much natural light as possible. Avoid harsh shadows and try to work close to a window. It is advisable to choose a neutral and timeless background that never distracts attention from your product. You can also experiment with textiles here.

Beauty products often have beautiful details that you can focus on. Make sure your product is in sharp and clear focus so that the viewer can see all the beautiful features. Experiment with different compositions to present your product in an interesting way. Try close-up shots to emphasise texture and details, but don't forget to add some distance for overview shots too. Less is more when it comes to product photography. So avoid too many distractions and make sure your product remains the focus of the photo. Minimalist compositions can often be most effective.

However, you can make great use of props here. In fact, the accessories in The Loft and The Playground can bring your product photos to life and help convey a story. With these tips, you should be able to create stunning beauty product photos that hold attention and highlight the quality of your products.
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