How to choose the perfect photo shoot outfit

When you have a photo shoot scheduled, it is hugely important to choose the right outfit(s). The clothes you wear can make a big difference in the end result of your photos. To make sure that your personality and branding will stand out perfectly, we would like to give you some tips in this blog. Read on and let us advise you on the right photo shoot attire.

What do you want to portray with your photo shoot attire?

To begin, you can determine the end goal of the shoot. Is it a business shoot, a branding session, a shoot for a fashion magazine or a personal photo shoot? You can imagine that during a business shoot you would like a more formal, professional look. A personal photo session you can fill in however you want. With this type of shoot, you can emphasize your personality with clothing. For example, choose a romantic, boho style in comfortable fabrics and natural materials. During an editorial fashion shoot for a magazine, for example, you can use completely different clothing tips photo shoot. Here you are more likely to choose unique designer pieces, the latest trends or photo shoot clothes with eye-catching details.

A good tip is to start by making a mood board. You can do this by tearing from a magazine or going wild on Pinterest. When you show this board to a photographer, he or she will immediately know what tone you want to set.
Studio: The Loft Photo credits: Alina Krasieva
Roos Oosterbroek is the creator, founder and owner of Atelier Oost Amsterdam
Studio: The Loft

The right use of color for your photo shoot attire

Choose not only colors that you like, but also shades that make you look your best. There is nothing more unfortunate than a color that does not flatter your hair, eyes or complexion. Especially on screen, because you want the best possible end result. It is important that you look at the location where you are. For photos on the beach, for example, choose beautiful cotton or linen items in light colors. For a shoot in a wooded area, it's better to go for a warmer palette of browns, greens or oranges to blend in nicely. Depending on what suits you of course.

You probably have your favorite colors that you always pick out. Take a critical look at the undertone in your skin. Do you have a slightly warmer tone and does gold look better on you than silver? Is the color of your veins more greenish and you have a yellowish undertone? Then warm colors like olive, terra, off-white and brown are beautiful. If you have cooler skin with a red undertone and blue veins, you can choose dark blue, silver, white and black, for example.

Will your photo shoot take place in an indoor location? A studio such as The Loft heeft van zichzelf al een neutrale achtergrond. Met het neutrale kleurenpalet van aardetinten en zwart kun je losgaan en experimenteren met fellere kleuren. Die komen dan extra mooi uit. Of, ga juist voor een sereen beeld met neutrals om een cleane en strakke stijl neer te zetten. Dit is met name voor zakelijke fotografie of bijvoorbeeld een branding shoot heel mooi. De organische vormen uit The Loft kunnen ook heel goed werken bij een editorial shoot omdat ze een unieke, aparte stijl accentueren.

Photo by personal branding photographer Fabienne from Style By Fabie for Karin Walgraef in The Loft studio
Studio: The Loft Photo credits: Style By Fabie
Studio: The Loft Photo credits: Alina Krasieva
In the top two images, you can clearly see the difference between the two outfits. In the photo on the left, accessible, warm colors are worn during a personal branding shoot. On the right, a clean, sleek style and minimalist jewelry emphasize an editorial look.
Fashion photo by Lisa van Dam for F/W collection of Simple The Brand at The Loft studio
Studio: The Loft Photo credits: Lisa van Dam

Both photos below underscore the importance of the right shoot outfit. Set an open and personal atmosphere with nude tones and soft materials. Or go for all black powerdressing with a suit that fits perfectly. 

Alina Krasieva is one of our favorite personal branding photographers
Studio: The Loft Photo credits: Alina Krasieva

The right choice of fabric in photo shoot clothing

Preferably choose fabrics that are comfortable to wear. Of course, this depends on the type of shoot you have chosen. For a fashion shoot, you may be more inclined to leave comfort aside and go for the more unusual pieces. But at maternity photography or a personal photo shoot, comfort is very important. Cotton is always a good choice for a casual shoot, and gives an approachable look. A silk or chiffon falls a little more naturally around the body and can accentuate your curves beautifully. These materials both give a soft look. Natural materials such as silk, cotton and linen are beautiful anyway because they breathe. This immediately prevents unwanted traces of perspiration.

Shiny fabrics can be a good option, but be aware that they can cause reflections on images. Therefore, bring the right equipment. With a wrinkling fabric, such as linen, it is a good idea to bring the right accessories as a precaution. In The Loft you can use our professional steamer, hand steamer and a fine clothes rack. Don't have to lug it around yourself anymore.
Studio: The Loft Photo credits: Alina Krasieva
Always bring several outfits and preferably try on your photo shoot clothes at home. One of our most important clothing tips photo shoot: pay attention to the fit. Make sure at all times that clothing fits well and is comfortable. Too tight, pinching outfits can feel uncomfortable and cause visible blemishes - you don't want that. For example, at a business photo shoot, clothes that are too loose can look messy and distract attention. Whereas an oversized look on a fashion shoot is very cool again. So with this element too, look at your style. Always bring some clips to fasten clothes behind the back, just in case something doesn't look right on set.

The right underwear
We women all know that we feel much more powerful with a beautiful set of lingerie. It is like an invisible piece of jewelry and a secret to ourselves. Today, your lingerie should be seen. So don't hesitate to bring some nice bras or bralettes that may just pop out from under a blouse or boho dress, for example. For a business shoot we would do this less quickly, unless you work for a lingerie company of course ;-). Also take corrective underwear with you when wearing a fitted outfit, for example. This may just make your photo shoot clothes fall nicer. Skin-colored and seamless underwear is always a good idea. Also bring fashion tape, a strapless bra and any nipple stickers for under see-through or blotchy photo shoot clothing. Note: Your underwear should never pinch. You are going to see this under your clothes.
Personal branding photography by photographer Atelier Shai in The Loft
Studio: The Loft Photo credits: Atelier Shai

Personalize photo shoot clothing with accessories

It's easy to add a personal touch with accessories. Go for sophisticated, thinner jewelry that you can layer with each other for a subtle look. Chunky jewelry such as chains with links and statement earrings can add a vintage look. Search a vintage store for unique jewelry. For example, when you have a lingerie shoot, you can use lace gloves very nicely. A separate hair accessory, an eye-catching shoe or maybe even a clutch can also make a difference. Always avoid overkill so that you remain the center of the photo shoot.

Book a stylist
If you can't figure it out yourself or would like professional clothing tips photo shoot, a stylist is a great choice. A professional stylist makes sure that your photo shoot clothing is done to perfection and suits you. He or she flawlessly knows how to select the right colors, fabrics and fits for you. A good stylist has a creative vision with which he or she pulls you out of your comfort zone. They take care of the right details and underline your personality with the right sets. In this blog we are happy to give you tips on finding the best stylist.

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