Beginning photographer? Share our shoot location!

Beeld header: Jennifer de Vos

Sharing our shoot locations is an ideal concept for the beginner and hobbyist, personal branding photographer and influencer in particular. In fact, there are an awful lot of advantages to sharing a studio! Not only do you reduce your costs, but you also get to know fun and perhaps useful contacts. Because you work at the same time or take turns, you get plenty of inspiration during such a day. You will also keep a versatile image bank. In this blog post, we would like to explain more about the working method and the arrangements you can make.
Studio:The Loft Photo credits: Jennifer de Vos
Studio:The Playground Photo credits: Jennifer de Vos

The benefits of our studios for a beginner photographer

Have no idea how to go about your day? We help you out. After all, photographing several people in one day is an incredibly fun experience. Starting with the right location, because did you know that our studios, which can be booked for a half or full day, are perfectly suited? Imagine yourself in a warm bath, with welcoming studios that feel like home. The oat cappuccino and various teas are already waiting for you! There is more than enough parking around our studios, with Sunday even being free.

It's up to you what kind of shoot day it will be. Will you go for a branding content day, where the focus is on strong business portraits, for example? Or maybe you opt for a maternity or newborn shoot day? Are you an influencer and would like to experience a day(s) with like-minded people? It's all possible.
Studio:The Playground Photo credits: Jennifer de Vos

Rent a location for a maternity shoot or newborn photography: this is how

Jennifer de Vos is an acquaintance of Atelier Oost Amsterdam and has been coming here regularly for shoots for a while now. The photographer, who is mainly known for her dreamy family, pregnancy and newborn shoots, organizes two different concepts. These are the mini shoots for clients and the styled portfolio shoots. She regularly shares the studio with other photographers. Not only to share her expertise and teach beginners something, but also because of the fun.

She says: 'This year too I have booked The Loft and The Playground several times! Why? The rooms at Atelier Oost Amsterdam are large, have a warm atmosphere and offer great daylight: The Loft in particular is my favorite. The neutral colors and different settings completely match my photography style. I always rent The Playground together with another photographer, because this place is big enough. And it's also nice to brainstorm with each other. Not unimportant: this way you share the costs of the rent.'

Studio:The Loft Photo credits: Jennifer de Vos
Why Jennifer recommends a shared shoot day to other photographers? Besides the fact that it is fun to organize, she thinks it is a nice way to introduce a customer to herself and her work. 'We also often work with time slots: very nice for my clients, because children have a short attention span and often do not last that long. Plus: you never have to deal with changeable weather! The studios are always beautifully lit.'

Which type of shoot day suits you as a starting photographer?
If you, as a photographer, book a space that you will share with one or more photographers, it is good to consider what you want to focus on. Jennifer: 'My shoots are super fun to do as a family, but also for pregnant ladies/couples and branding photography of course. This also makes it very diverse for you as a photographer. I recommend always sharing clothing tips with your customer in advance: this way you make it even more uniform and consistent.'Jennifer shares creative advice, inspiration and sometimes even takes part in shopping!

For this type of shoot, it is advisable to share on your social media channels that you want to share a studio. Tip: tag us in this, because we are happy to repost your stories and posts! Share as much information as possible about the date, location, place, price and time slots in your posts. Handy if you want to find models, but also to recruit other photographers. Jennifer: 'I always place a question sticker in my stories that people can respond to. Tip: always use photos of the location, previously shot images and possibly some reels. You can also share the information with your existing customer base.'.
Studio:The Loft Photo credits: Jennifer de Vos
Studio:The Loft Photo credits: Jennifer de Vos

How styled shoots can strengthen your portfolio as a starting photographer

In addition to mini shoots, Jennifer also organizes so-called styled portfolio shoots. She says: 'The Loft feels like coming home: that is the reason why I organize styled portfolio shoots for other photographers in this space. The content can then be used to attract customers. What's extra nice about these styled shoots: several photographers have already indicated that their bookings have increased. And since sharing the content created in The Loft'.

How does such a styled shoot day work? In short: Jennifer rents our location and arranges about six to eight models. This should be a good mix of pregnant, family and newborn, but also in terms of appearance. It is advisable to also provide some models with a larger range. Jennifer coordinates the outfits with them and arranges lunch, drinks (except coffee and tea) and snacks. She also ensures that there is always some space to take some branding photos.

Attract your dream clients with Karlijn's Portfolio days
Another good example of a studio sharing option is the portfolio shoots that photographer Karlijn van Gestel organizes with us. Her company focuses on weddings, newborns, families and pregnant women, and she also regularly facilitates special portfolio shoots for photographers. With the images from these shoot days, photographers can develop their own style and attract their dream clients. During these fully catered days, often with about ten models and a cool masterclass, there is plenty of opportunity to connect with other photographers.

Karlijn about Atelier Oost Amsterdam: 'The space, the styling, the atmosphere: everything is so beautiful about this location. The beautiful light that shines in ensures that you are challenged to make creative images and go out of your comfort zone. Contact with Roos and the hosts is always very pleasant. I immediately feel welcome in the Atelier and we receive a warm welcome.

Studio:The Loft Photo credits: Karlijn van Gestel
Studio:The Loft Photo credits: Karlijn van Gestel

Why influencers share our studios for a content day

As an influencer you can also go all out creatively in our spaces. We increasingly see nice groups of girls who book our studios for part or a full day. They then really make it a girls' day and leave for home with a phone or camera full of photo and video content. Such a day is incredibly inspiring because you can look at each other, make new contacts and enjoy delicious lunches, bites and drinks. You can make such a day as crazy as you want. For example, hire an expert from the field to give a lecture or organize a mini workshop during your influencer content day.

Martika, beauty influencer, was recently at The Playground to create content with other influencers and is happy to share her thoughts. 'I thought the space was beautiful! For me, The Playground is much more unique than many other studios and has endless different photo corners. The light is also so incredibly beautiful: I loved it!'

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