8 reasons why you should shoot at The Playground

Photo credits header: Lonneke Noordeloos

Following on from The Loft, The Playground is our second studio and offers endless opportunities for any creative team. When designing and bringing this impressive space to fruition, I was inspired by the pastel-coloured clouds in our daydreams, and this shows. When you step inside, you imagine yourself in an oasis of soft, enveloping colours and in a stimulating environment where nothing is too crazy. Do you want to know why? Then read on quickly.

1. This is where you let your imagination run wild

We also call The Playground a creative playground for adults, and for good reason. This overwhelmingly large space is all about pushing the boundaries within your creative capacity. Let your senses be stimulated and discover how you are constantly stimulated to create surprising images. This fairytale-like space offers a creative challenge for everyone, at whatever level.
Studio:The Playground Photo credits: Lonneke Noordeloos
Studio:The Playground Photo credits: Lonneke Noordeloos

2. The Playground daylight studio has an unprecedented size

You read it above: The Playground is big. Here, you will enjoy as much as 272 square metres, where the large windows in both the roof and walls add strength to this space. So not only do you have endless square metres at your disposal, but also an insanely good amount of light. Because let's face it; natural light is still the best.

3. A colour palette of serene pastels
Let the dreamy pastels meet you and embrace you in a cloud of lilac, peach and pink. But with edgy touches, like our silver accessories. Perfect for reflection photography, or to strengthen your model.

Studio:The Playground Photo credits: Lonneke Noordeloos
Studio:The Playground Photo credits: Lonneke Noordeloos

4. Minimalist décor and design

The Playground - witte bank in de kamer met grote 3D schilderij
Studio:The Playground
I have put a lot of care and love into collecting unusual design objects and brands. At The Playground, you will therefore find a nice selection of sustainable and unique furniture and accessories that you won't find anywhere else, as well as cool high street brands. This way, you can get inspired for your own interior while shooting.
Studio:The Playground Photo credits: Lonneke Noordeloos

5. Impressive stand construction
As you've come to expect from Atelier Oost Amsterdam, you'll also find staircases at The Playground. As many as four! These beauties guarantee unique photos and videos and add depth. The double staircase is a real eye-catcher, and there is also an extendable one for extra dimension. In addition, the built-in staircase acts as a mysterious addition. Besides these iconic stairs, we also thought of playful see-through pieces.

6. Varied corners for a personal touch
Give your own unique twist to your image with our playfully decorated nooks. You will find a stylish seating area, but also a dining table, various arches with and without curtains, playful elements on the walls and various benches and chairs. Moreover, there are cupboards and shelves built into the wall that you can let loose with product photography.

Let your imagination run wild with our unexpected shapes and surprising props. You are invited to slide around nicely so that you have a different photo background every time.

The Playground - Zitgedeelte boucle bank en salontafel
Studio:The Playground

7. The Playground as a unique event location in Amsterdam

How about hosting an event at The Playground? Provide an unforgettable experience that your guests will not soon forget. The studio is ideally located on the ground floor and you can park in front of the door. Our dreamy studio with Miami holiday vibes also provides the perfect backdrop for your guests' social media posts. Whether you are organising an event, workshop, product launch or press day: it's all possible.

8. A stimulating space for all types of photography
Think not only of doing product shots, but also a fashion shoot for magazines. With our experimental forms, you are guaranteed an out-of-the-box end result. Ideal: we have chosen a separate make-up room for the MUAs. Because of its surface area, The Playground is also perfect for interior design brands: you can easily fit several beds here. Brands such as Uniqlo, Josh V, Yumeko and VT Wonen preceded you.

Studio:The Playground
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