2 studios are closing

From 26 April next, our beloved studios The Living Room and The Bedroom will close. We knew this was coming. A difficult moment, because how much we have enjoyed all the wonderful shoots and precious meetings of the past two years. Because now you really can book for the last time, we would like to tell you one more time why The Living Room and The Bedroom are so special to us.

Heartbreaking: 2 studios close at the end of April and will never return again.

When you walk into The Living Room, you find yourself in an oasis of calmth. Neutral tones, natural materials and organic shapes create a cocooning experience. Our colour palette of earth tones and black provides a timeless and serene backdrop for any type of shoot: whether photographing colourful items or neutrals. The Living Room covers an area of seventy square metres and is enriched by five large, tall windows. So you are guaranteed of the very best light for your photos.

The beautiful Ibiza vibes make you dream away to a well-deserved sun holiday. Minimalist designer furniture from high-end brands such as Ferm Living, HEM and Norr11 add a stylish touch to any photo shoot. Because we want you to feel at home here, our team will take care of you with love. Upon entering, enjoy a delicious cappuccino or a cup of tea and prepare your production by using our clothes rack and steamer. We like to think along with you, and make sure you have anything you need.

For the last time, let your dreams come true in our master bedroom: The Bedroom. Our smallest photo studio immediately provides a serene ambience, due to its refined, open space filled with soft daylight. In 50 square metres of space, you will enjoy true moments of happiness every day: between 9.30 and 11.00, for example, when the morning light playfully shines through the curtains. Or book at the end of the day, for beautiful golden hour light in sunny weather.

Like The Living Room, The Bedroom is sophisticatedly decorated with designer furniture in a neutral colour palette. The warm and pleasant atmosphere of this room is accentuated by furniture in natural materials, flowing fabrics and cozy cushions and rugs. The matching accessories you would prefer to take home immediately: they are that beautiful. Not only is The Bedroom perfect for every lingerie or boudoir shoot, it is also an elegant and minimalist backdrop for any other production. How about shooting product photos or personal portraits?

A wonderful memory with beautiful moments we love to share with you

Because The Living Room and The Bedroom are the spaces where it all started, they have a special place in our hearts. We are therefore happy to share some great moments with you.

Melis Mekking Photography

A special and stylish pregnancy shoot: the final strains captured in the warm atmospheres of The Living Room.

Kevin Ardjuna

A love story between beige and black. Stylish in all black everything. Photographed by talented photographer Kevin Ardjuna.

Demi Nugteren

Content Creator Demi's green outfit stands out beautifully against the serene backdrop of The Bedroom. The beautiful light also creates delicate accents on the fabrics. We love it! 

Arielle Frioza

These are the little, happy moments. The new Zipsterbaby collection photographed by Arielle is one big party. The colourful pyjamas splash off the screen. And the joy can be read in the models' eyes.

Of course, we hope you also have special memories of this photo studio. Would you like to enjoy The Living Room and/or The Bedroom one last time? We totally understand, as they will never come back.

With the beautiful weather in April, you just have to get a spot while you still can. Will you take that chance to let The Living Room or The Bedroom be the backdrop for your new fashion collection, beauty products or beautiful lifestyle shoot? Then book now with our online booking tool. Our team will be happy to help to make your production a success.

We say goodbye to The Living Room and The Bedroom as of 26 April, and thank everyone who has been part of this adventure over the past two years. On to beautiful, new memories.

No stress: The Loft stays with us, forever.

Don't be alarmed: even though The Living Room and The Bedroom will be closing, The Loft will of course remain. Always. Our most luxurious studio gives urban chic New York City vibes to your shoot, is 125 square metres in size and offers natural light all day long through its windows and high ceiling. The unique furniture, carefully selected accessories and diverse corners make shooting at The Loft a magical experience.

Nice to know: we value the size of The Loft. In order to be able to host the bigger productions too, we will never want to offer smaller spaces again. And by big, we mean 100 square metres and more! Stay tuned...

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